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by Kelly

Australia is our home country and one that we truly love. It is as unique as it is vast, from deserts, mountains and beaches you will never be bored when travelling here. The people are relaxed and friendly, the landscapes are beautiful and the flora and fauna are a delight. If you love cities and beaches or finding serenity hiking in the rugged outback there is something to please everyone. 

Pink lake in South Australia

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Useful Australia Information

Currency – The currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD). You should be able to change most types of currency at a bank or money exchange in the major cities.

Capital City – Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. This is where government house is and parliament sits. It is a pretty city and holds a Floriade Carnival each year showcasing beautiful flowers.

Visa – A tourist visa can cost from $145. There is also various work and study visas that are available and all cost different amounts.  You can find all the information here. 

Language – The official language is English however we Australians love our slang. You will encounter slang language that has been around for years and some more current as well. It is as unique as the rest of the country. One thing is for sure you will definitely hear some on your trip. Check out our fun list of common Aussie slang!

What to eat – Australia doesn’t really have a traditional food. There is the indigenous food that our first peoples have eaten for many years and can be tasted on various tours around Australia. There is the meat pie, lamingtons and pavlova but really Australia is made up of such an eclectic community of people who have moved here from around the world that there is food from all cultures here. Every city and town will have a variety of foods on offer.

Alcohol is widely consumed. Beer and wine are a way of life and are consumed at many occasions. There are some wonderful wineries to visit and taste. The culture of beer has become so big that there are craft breweries in many locations around the country. You definitely don’t have to partake but Australians will gladly tell you about their favourite tipple! Check out our blog on our favourite wineries!

Festivals and Celebrations – Having a historical European influence means that many celebrations are Christian descent. Easter, Christmas are the largest however in recent years some American traditions such as Valentines Day and Halloween are becoming more predominant. We Australians love a public holiday.

Safety –Honestly this is a tricky one. I would love to say Australia is perfectly safe but it is a country like any other and you should always be cautious when travelling. Most Australians are happy to help and friendly but there are always some in every country. As always I would advise in investing in travel insurance that you can trust, such as World Nomads.


Budget $30-$100

Mid-range $100-$200

Luxe $200+


Budget food $2-$10

Mid range $10-$30

Splurge $30+

Pub beer is usually sold in 3 sizes, all called different things in each state. In QLD the sizes are Pot 285ml, Schooner 425ml, Pint 568ml and a schooner is around $8.50


Flights vary but range around $100-$300

Buses within towns locally generally under $5 within a city

Trip Planning

Best time to go – Year round! The weather is opposite to the northern hemisphere so you will find it a great escape from northern winters.

How to get there – There are international airports at every capital city around the country.

Transportation – Driving your self is the best option as there is so much to see and it is not always easy to get buses everywhere, particularly to more remote locations. If you are in a city or visiting larger towns you will find public transport is no problem.

Budget – Australia is expensive. There is no way around it, but in general you can save money by shopping at supermarkets and cooking for yourself, staying in cheaper accommodation and enjoying the natural and usually free sights that Australia is famous for.

What to pack – Australia is very diverse and the climate changes depending where you are. Pack for all weather if you are coming for long periods and are travelling all around the country. If you are specifically going to one city or state you can normally get away with seasonal packing.


While it wouldn’t be impossible to write an itinerary for the whole of Australia it wouldn’t be something I would do without first finding out what the person that was travelling was most interested in and how much time they have. Instead I will be detailing our itinerary per state that we covered with our latest road trips. You can fly between states, cities and even rural areas with airlines such as Rex Air and Air North.

In general most tourists will fly into Sydney or Perth and begin their trip there.

QLD Itinerary

SA Itinerary

WA Itinerary


What to do in Australia

There are so many things I would recommend to do in Australia, that 10 things really doesn’t cut it. This is my top ten things I wouldn’t leave without doing across all of the country, each state itinerary will have its own top ten list as well. This is a list that doesn’t include the typical Sydney Opera House etc. These are the things to appreciate wherever you decide to go in Aus!

1. Pink Lakes – These beautiful pink lakes are all over Australia, there are so many to discover.

2. Explore the outback – Head out into the outback, get amongst some red dirt, ancient rocks and epic views!

3. Beaches – Enjoy our stunning beaches, every state has them, they are all different. Make sure you slip, slop, slap, swim between the flags and enjoy the Aussie lifestyle!

4. Fish from a jetty – if you see a jetty there will be people fishing from it. Find the closest tackle store and have some fun.

5. The wildlife! Check out our native fauna, we have the cutest animals in Australia. If you are seeing them in the wild just make sure to keep a few meters away. We want to appreciate them without changing their habits.

6. Wineries! Australia has some amazing wineries, you’ll find them in every state. We loved visiting the wineries in Margaret River and Barossa Valley and can’t wait to visit the ones in other states!

7. Visit Australia’s historical sites, this is Moonta Mines.

8. Explore our crazy coastlines. So many parts of Australia have caves, epic rock formations, lush vegetation, animals and so much more. This is the incredible Talia caves in South Australia’s coastline.

9. Explore as many national parks as you can. Our national parks have so many gems like epic beaches, beautiful landscapes and wildlife. They are really where the best ‘stuff’ is, like this stunning waterfall.

10. Climbing as many palm trees as possible around Australia.

Where to stay

I will list all the accommodation we used on our road trips but there will be a range available in all towns, from budget to luxe. is the best booking platform to use for Australia.

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