Why you should visit Sifnos, an underrated Greek Island

by Kelly

Let me introduce you to the Greek Island of Sifnos…never heard of it? Well that is part of its charm. Read on to find out why you should visit Sifnos and discover your new favourite Greek Island.

Church at Church at Vathi Beach Sifnos

How to get to Sifnos

You can only get to Sifnos by ferry, we took the ferry from Milos to Sifnos which was only about 30 minute journey. The ferry from Athens to Sifnos takes between 3-5 hours. We used Ferry Hopper to book our trips and never had a problem at all. They had the best rates and flexibility.

Ferry to Sifnos

Where to stay in Sifnos

There are many areas on Sifnos and choosing where to stay can be tricky as they all look good. We chose to stay in Apollonia at a cute little guest house, Mosxa House. It was perfect for us. Having its own kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Almost all of the necessities were supplied such as laundry liquid, tea, coffee, sugar, and even some baked goods. It was like our own little one bedroom unit for a few days and the family that rent it out are really lovely. You can check it out here if you are looking to stay in Apollonia. It is slightly up the hill and a bit of a walk but not too bad, particularly if you are hiring a car or scooter to get around anyway.

The areas you can choose from in Sifnos are:

Kamares (the port area) – very close to the ferry but further away from most other things to see and do. Good food options and shopping here. Check out Morpheas Pension Rooms & Apartments, it is a great price and really well rated.

Apollonia – one of the more central areas to stay. Lots of cute whitewashed buildings, narrow lanes and restaurants to enjoy. Lots of stairs as it is on the side of the hill. Το Κατἑ and Kouki Maria Rooms are great options here.

Kastro – the old castle of Sifnos. Really beautiful restaurants and scenery. Lots of pretty places to stay. A little more expensive than Apollonia. Unique traditional house dating from 1700 is a new option and is really well priced. The Sailors House is another beautiful option here as well.

Beach areas of Faros, Vathi Beach, Platis Gialos, Cherronisos – pretty beach areas, further away from everywhere else. Definitely need car to get around.

Do you need a vehicle on Sifnos

We chose to rent a scooter in Sifnos. It seems small but it is actually quite spread out. It can take a while to get around and it is faster when you can go at your own pace. We rented from Apollo motors and they were very easy to deal with. The prices vary depending on the month you are renting. They have both cars and scooters available for rent. check out our blog on renting cars in Greece for everything we do to help it go smoothly.

What to do on Sifnos

Sifnos seems like a small island but there is so much to do! Read on to find out why you should visit Sifnos.


We stayed in Apollonia and explored the area as a base in the afternoon. It is a really pretty town that is full of restaurants and whitewashed buildings. It is a really pretty area and very picturesque.

I recommend spending some time here walking around and exploring all the laneways and restaurants. It is a very hilly area so be prepared for lots of steps.


Kastro is a must visit. It has lots of winding lanes that lead to whitewashed buildings, views and churches. We loved wandering around imaging what it would have been like ages ago. There are loads of little restaurants, cafes and stores in the old buildings that are well worth a look.

Cavo bar

Cavo bar is in the Kastro, you will see signs leading you there. The owner is a bit eccentric and the drinks are strong. It is a lovely place to sit and relax during sunset as they open late.

Cavo Bar in Kastro Sifnos

The Church of Seven Martyrs

The Church of Seven Martyrs sits on a rocky outcrop on the outside of Kastro. It is incredibly scenic The church sits surrounded by the ocean accessed by a steps that wind around the rocks to lead out over the sea. Waves crash below and the craggy cliff makes you feel that you are at the end of the earth. When it gets really windy it can be dangerous to walk out to the church so it is advisable to check before heading over.

Vathi Beach

Vathi is a really pretty area and we loved visiting it. The beach is nice, relaxed and family friendly. There is a church right on the water which is really lovely as well.

Tsikali Taverna

While you are at Vathi Beach make sure to go to Tsikali Taverna where you can have the most delicious meal at the most authentic restaurant in Sifnos! Just on the other side of the church you will find them right on the waters edge. Check out our blog on Tsikali Taverna where we spent the most beautiful afternoon eating under the trees with our feet in the sand!

Platis Gialos

This is another beautiful beach. It is idyllic and relaxed. Most people agree it is the most beautiful beach on Sifnos. There are cafes and accommodation there if you want to stay by the beach. Either way it makes for a lovely beach day.


Faros is a really sweet fishing village that sits just near the Chrisopigi Monastery and is really worth a visit. It has a lovely beach that is family friendly and even has a shower to rinse off after swimming. You will find about four umbrellas there but they go really early so bring your own if you plan to spend the day. There are some restaurants and accommodation there also if you want to spend a day or two.

Chrisopigi Monastery

This Monastery is on the waters edge right next to Apokofto beach which you can visit at the same time. It is free to visit and easy to walk around. There is a little church inside that you can visit and is very sweet. The ocean views are pretty spectacular from the back of the monastery.


Hiking is huge on Sifnos! There are trails all over the island that vary in difficulty. You can do a short walk or a long multiple day hike! There is really something for everyone. Check out this Sifnos trails website if you are thinking of doing a hike as they have all the information you could need to plan!

Chrisopigi Monastery

Go shopping for ceramics

Sifnos is well known for their pottery and they are made in a really beautiful fashion. From plates to casserole dishes you will find whatever you want to take home. They make beautiful souvenirs that become family heirlooms and great gifts as well. You will find the cheapest at the port area or you can visit the many pottery stores in Apollonia where they make the pottery on site.

We loved the little pottery lights that were unique to Sifnos. I so wanted to buy one to bring home but didn’t have the luggage space for it. You will see them on every building in Sifnos and they light up at night.

Kato Pentali/Ano Petali

These are two little towns that are either side of Apollonia. They are really tiny and nice to stroll through if you have time.

Extra tips for Sifnos

We always find a supermarket to stock up on drinks, snacks and necessities. The best one on Sifnos is on the road out to Kastro. It is called Alfa Supermarket and it is has the best range and lowest pricing. If you are Coeliac you will find gluten free stuff here too. You will need a scooter or car to get there as the bus won’t stop and it is a fair walk from Apollonia.

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