Tsikali Taverna is the most authentic restaurant on Sifnos.

by Kelly

Sifnos Island is renowned in Greece as a gastronomic destination. We were excited to experience this and went looking for the most authentic restaurant in Sifnos that we could find. Read on to discover why you should visit and try the best food in Sifnos!

Tsikali restaurant Sifnos

The location

Little did we know that the best restaurant in Sifnos sits on a pretty beach! The location of this restaurant or taverna as the Greeks call it is part of the charm. Set right on Vathi Beach in the south of Sifnos it is truly an idyllic place.

The tables sprawl out over the beach and sitting with your feet in the sand under the shade of the big trees made for one of the loveliest afternoons we had in Greece. The warm sun, a gentle breeze and the blue ocean dotted with boats bopping in font of you is the making of paradise.

The history

While enjoying the views of the beach we chatted to the staff member who was serving us and happened to be the son, Dimitri, of the owner. We learnt about the history of the taverna, his father Nikos Frazeskaros is the original owner of the restaurant and actually built it himself.

Nikos began building the restaurant in 1983 at a time when there was no paved road to Vathi and no electricity. With a generator and a lot of hard work and dedication he managed to create a paradise. A place where everyone could come to relax, enjoy and soak up the wonderful flavours of his authentic restaurant. It is a family run business, his wife and children work in the taverna and the happiness and joy from the close knit family is felt in the air. Nothing is too much trouble and their kindness and enthusiasm is enchanting. This is a taverna built on dedication, love and vision and the result is magical.

The food

We sampled a range of foods as we really wanted to try all the local flavours and traditional meals. The flavours are purely the taste of the island. The really special thing about Tsikali is Mr Nikos’s own farm supplies almost all the produce. The meat, vegetables and cheese are all made by the family. This is a source of pride as the quality is second to none. This is another indication it’s the most authentic restaurant in Sifnos.

Delectible authentic cheese

We started with a cheese plate, sampling the cheeses from the family farm. They are rich, creamy and delicious. Manoura is a local cheese that is very unique. Traditionally made and left in a special mud inside of wine barrels to age. Today some methods are modernized however the mud is used to create the same authentic flavour. It is honestly the most unique flavour, strong and spicy, a special flavour that you must try.

Incredible local cuisine

The chickpea stew, Revithia, is the local meal that is synonymous with Sifnos. Made every Sunday and cooked in clay pots for hours in wood stoves. The tradition would involve the community sharing their ovens as not all homes had one. It is a simple, warming, hearty dish and very comforting.

Braised goat and chips, is an absolute delight! The meat was so tender it fell from the bone with ease while the taste was flavourful yet light and delicate.

Chickpea balls are crunchy and tasty, so much so that they quickly became a favourite. We each wanted to have the last one! The eggplant dip was bright and zingy, very fresh and light.

Baked eggplant is soft, moist and light, the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

Baked eggplant at Tsikali

We sat under the trees and watched the boats on the water in front of us. Yachts anchor just of the beach and the happy guests come ashore to eat at the taverna. Like discovering a hidden gem we happily sat and whiled away the hours.

We enjoyed a half carafe of wine with our meal and it was just the most perfect afternoon. It really felt like the ideal way to experience Greek life and to relax and unwind. I can not recommend a visit (or more!) to Tsikali Taverna for all those who want to experience the most authentic restaurant in Sifnos!

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