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by Kelly
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Welcome to Passport Nomads!

We are Kelly and Mike, an Australian couple with a passion for travel, adventure and exploring every bit of this Earth.

Our story started years before this blog, when we first met and connected on our shared obsession for travel, Mike had travelled extensively whereas I had not left Australia since a family holiday when I was two. From that moment we knew that we would make our dream of travelling the world together a reality and that’s just what we did! 

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– Traveller, Content Creator, Photographer

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Kelly’s story:

Hi! I come from a small town in Australia and since I was little I’ve dreamed of travelling the world but never quite knew how to make that happen, until I met Mike and everything seemed possible.

After our first taste of travelling around South East Asia together for 6 months I was hooked! My dream destinations are Peru, Maldives, Greece, Italy, France, Mexico, Palau, Philippines….everywhere lets be honest!

I have a background in education and am so interested in the cultures, landscapes and people that you discover while travelling. I am forever adding places to “my list” and love getting to check them off.

I love photography and writing, I’m so excited to share our travels with you!


– Traveller, Drone Operator, Photographer

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Mike’s Story:

I’m Australian, Gold Coast born raised and VERY proud!

I left home when I was 19 years old, on a one way flight to the South of France to work on yachts and haven’t stopped travelling since (except for those necessary breaks to earn enough money to keep travelling of course!).

So far I’ve been to about 60 countries, most before I met Kelly, so while I’ll be revisiting a few places I can’t wait to see how they’ve changed and explore the parts I missed last time.

To me there is nothing better than flying off to the unknown, meeting locals, sharing in their culture and truly appreciating the world for the amazing diverse place it is.

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