Is 3 days in Sorrento Italy enough?

by Kelly

Is 3 days in Sorrento Italy enough? Sorrento is a beautiful part of Italy, close enough to the Amalfi Coast to use it as a base but it is worth visiting in its own right. The town is very charming and we had some wonderful days exploring the area, 3 days is just enough to fall in love with Sorrento, you will definitely wish you had longer. This blog will show you how to spend 3 fabulous days in Sorrento!

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Is Sorrento Italy worth visiting

Sorrento is often a great choice for those looking for a more affordable Amalfi Coast experience. Whether you are staying here or in Positano you should definitely schedule at least 3 days in for Sorrento it is well worth the time, you wont regret it!

How to get to Sorrento?

Most people fly into Napes or Rome and catch the trains down. There are dedicated trains which make things easier you can find out all the info here.

You can also book a shared or private transfer. There are a lot of these offered but I usually book through Get Your Guide as I can see the ratings other users have left and their reviews.

Where to stay in Sorrento Italy?

We stayed at Casa Marino in the room Stanza Carmella con balcone. It was just perfect for us! Located right on one of the main streets so we could sit up on our balcony and watch the hustle and bustle of restaurants and people strolling by! We love to people watch and after a long day exploring it was lovely to get dinner and sit up on the balcony with a drink to relax.

What to do for three days in Sorrento?

Day 1

On your first day I would take a long walk around the town. There are lots of lovely parks and gardens, restaurants and cafes and the waterfront is gorgeous.

Villa Comunale di Sorrento

This is a large public garden space which is right on the waterfront. It is lovely and cool to sit in during the hot days.

Sorrento Waterfront

From here you will see the waterfront you can take an elevator down and up again for a small fee but you can also walk it. Walking down is quite simple but the path back up is quite steep and you may need to take it slowly especially if you have an impediment. From the edge you will see the swimming huts lined up along the piers and people jumping in the water everywhere. It is fun to watch and even better when you head down to swim. There are beach bar areas where you pay and a smaller free public area.

Chiostro di San Francesco

This beautiful church and cloisters. I wanted to go here but it was closed everytime I tried. It is built on the ruins of a seventh century monastery. St. Francis’ cloister has long been of great importance not only in the religious history of Sorrento but the civil history also.

Bagni Salvatore

This is a great beach area on the waterfront. It has a restaurant, sunbeds, showers and change huts. You can find all its info here, you are looking for a swimming day this would be nice.

Vallone dei Mulini

This looks incredible and we wished we had time to see it! Vallone dei Mulini is high on our list for our next visit. It looks so interesting and I love how overgrown it is.

De Angelis Winery

De Angelis Winery is not far from the centre of Sorrento and we are so sad we missed it! I love a good wine tasting so it is on my next time list. If you go there please leave a comment to let me know.

sorrento street art

Day 2

Take a day trip (or stay there overnight) to Capri! This was one of my favourite days when we visited Sorrento. The ferry was so easy to use and very comfortable. We wandered all around the island to see as much as we could. The bus system is quite easy to use and reasonably priced. You can check out all the details of our day trip to Capri on our blog here. I would definitely take the earliest ferry over and the latest back if you are looking to go as far around the island as possible. If you have the chance to stay here overnight it would make it easier to explore the island more completely. This was not possible for us but if you have the chance then I would take it.

You can easily book tours to Capri also if you don’t want to do it yourself. We always book with Get Your Guide as they are our trusted partner. They have tours for Sorrento and Capri.

Day 3

This day I would use to go out to Bagni di Regina Giovanna in the morning and explore the stunning swimming area. There is an indoor alcove which fills with water and is unique to swim in. Then walk around the ruins to the outer swimming areas. They are absolutely stunning. You can read about the best way to see Bagni di Regina Giovanna in our blog here.

Then I would head back into town and spend the rest of the day lounging at the beach bars down at the waterfront. Order some food and drinks and lie back to people watch and soak up the afternoon sun.

Our favourite restaurant…with the best gluten free pizza!

Our favourite place to eat in Sorrento is Ristorate S. Antonino! They offer gluten free pizza which was incredible! This is the best gluten free pizza I had in Italy! They were very careful to make sure I knew which pizza was mine even writing coeliac on the box. My gluten eating partner ordered a regular one and tried mine, which he thought was incredible too.

They have an excellent restaurant where you can sit to enjoy or do as we did and get takeaway to enjoy on the balcony of your room! Below is a photo of a very happy coeliac enjoying pizza in Italy…gluten free dreams coming true right here!

We loved our time in Sorrento and were sorry we couldn’t spend longer, let me know in the comments if I missed any great things to do and see in Sorrento! If you are heading to the Amalfi Coast and thinking of using Sorrento as your base check out our blog here on how we organised our time, and our blogs on Positano, Amalfi and Capri.

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