How to visit Positano on a budget

by Kelly

I was so excited to finally visit the Amalfi Coast! We knew that it would have to be on a budget as the costs can quickly escalate. If you are on a short holiday you may want to spend a little more here and there,. If not then this is how we visited Positano on a budget!

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Where to stay to visit Positano on a budget?

You can find some reasonably priced accommodation in Positano for around 250€ but you will need to book early. As in a year or so in advance to get these prices.

These are our picks of the best places to stay in each town on a budget! We search for the best rated and reviews places with a close location and the best possible pricing.


Casa Fortunata – the cheapest place that we can find with good reviews. It is a little out of town but the walk isn’t difficult, there is a SITA bus stop outside to get into town also.

Dimora del Podestà – beautiful place, great location and host, excellent breakfast included in price.

Hotel Dimora Fornillo – Great location, great breakfast included in price, host is very helpful

La Casa di Nunzia B&B – great host, near the rooftop bars, great views over Positano

Casa Lucibello – nice helpful host, 15 min walk to town, good view

YourHome – Relais Il Sogno di Positano – Great views and location


Amalfi Coast Room, Vista d’ Amalfi


Casa Marino, Sorrento Deluxe B&B,

We chose to stay in Sorrento and take a bus into Positano each day to visit as we couldn’t book this early. It ended up being perfect! Sorrento is a lovely town and there is a lot to see (check out my blog on Sorrento). We used Sorrento as a base to explore Amalfi, Capri and Positano? We stayed at Casa Marino and it was excellent, great location with clean lovely rooms. The host was so friendly and helpful, we highly recommend it. (Check out my review on Casa Marino)

This cost only about 80€ per night (booked a couple of months in advance). We also spent a night in Sant’Agnello. It is a nice little town but I didn’t love our accommodation choice there. If you do choose to stay here there is a direct bus from Sant’Agnello to Positano via Meta. (thanks to our awesome reader Pam for this info!)

How to get around Positano?

You can take the ferry to Positano from Sorrento or Amalfi, tickets are around 16€ each way. We book with Ferry Hopper and they are always great. From the ferry you will get a scenic ride. You will see the coastline and have the chance to take some pictures from the boat. The ferry lands at the beach area so is great if you are planning a beach day. If you are planning to walk the town you will head straight up the stairs.

You can also take the SITA bus which is only around 3€ each way. This takes longer, it is a scenic road but it is a bit hairy! The road is tiny and busy! Buses trying to get past each other and many cars and motorbikes makes it difficult for the drivers. They will also fill the bus until every bit of space is used. If you are last squeezed on you will find yourself standing in the aisle. The road is very windy and along the cliff edge for much of it. Some people had to get off as they felt too sick. If you get travel sickness maybe prepare with medication for this.

You can take the SITA bus from Sorrento to Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and many little towns along the way. We bought a bunch of tickets and just used them throughout our stay.

Cheap eats in Positano

As Mike says you can eat cheap anywhere in the world, you just have to search for it! We are pretty loyal customers. Once we find a restaurant, cafe or bar that is reasonably priced and tasty we return day after day. Even better when the staff are lovely!

Breakfast on a budget

Breakfast was at our accommodation before leaving Sorrento and this is one way we really were able to cut costs to visit Positano on a budget. We bought a couple of cheap plastic bowls and spoons with us. Purchasing a box of cereal and milk and ate it for breakfast before heading out. Those bowls were the best way to save money while travelling Europe. Particularly as a coeliac as food options are not always available.

Best lunch spot in Positano on a budget

We found the best little market in Positano that has a deli in the back. They sell produce, drinks and staples at good prices and the deli sells fresh made sandwiches and hot foods. Latteria Mini market sits on a hill overlooking the beautiful town of Positano. The pretty little patio area has tables to eat at and enjoy the scene. I highly recommend this little shop, outside of the bustle of Positano just up a hill.

Gluten free options Positano

I thought I would have to wait until dinner or eat a snack I had brought from our hotel, I was wrong! They also have a shelf totally dedicated to gluten free foods! I asked the lady working there and she very kindly found me a small pack of bread, exactly 2 slices! They cut me a perfect piece of mozzarella from the deli and some fresh shaved prosciutto, warmed it up to make the most delicious gluten free sandwich. I was thrilled! As a coeliac I often find myself missing out or eating packaged food as there are no options within my budget. This was such a great find!

I have heard of a few other places you can pick up a cheap meal, Pergola of Bar Buca Di Bacco being a good one. It apparently has slices of pizza for 5€ and reasonable drinks. Collina Bakery is another option, I popped into it to take a quick look. It was more pricy than Latteria and it was so busy I could barely get in the door. I did see a GF sandwich wrapped up in the fridge and the food and drinks looked great but I would prefer Latteria every time!

Dinner on a budget-best pizza in Sorrento!

In the evening we went to Ristorante S. Antonino in Sorrento and grabbed a couple of takeaway pizzas to enjoy on our balcony at Casa Marino. They make the best pizzas, including awesome gluten free options!

Best gluten free pizza in Sorrento at Ristorante S. Antonino

Renting sunbeds in Positano when visiting on a budget

Sunbeds can be expensive. The main beach in Positano is Spiaggia Grande, you will see the iconic blue and white umbrellas lined up from every angle in Positano. The front row is the most expensive at 30€ each. They come with an umbrella and you can order food and drinks (at an extra cost) from the bar. This is for the day so if you were to do this I would plan to take advantage of the full day! You can rent one in a row further back a little cheaper as well.

Spiaggia Grande Beach-how to visit Positano on a budget

There is a strip of beach where you can put your towel down for free which is another great option. Just remember to bring water shoes or thongs as the black sand is hot underfoot.

Free beach area at Positano

Around the corner from Spiaggia Grandei is Fornillo Beach. Here the umbrellas are green and they are cheaper! Only about 15€ each per day, they are well worth the price. This is the more local beach. It has a far more reasonably priced restaurant and a shuttle if you want a lift back to the main beach area. The walk is not too far though and quite lovely. This is where I would spend my beach day!

What about the season, does it make a difference to help keep Positano on a budget?

Yes absolutely. To keep your visit to Positano on a budget the shoulder season will be a little cheaper. We visited in late May and while the high season is supposed to be June/July it is beginning to stretch out. It was pretty busy in May and we heard that in August and September it is busy also. If you are looking for the lowest crowds and cheapest pricing I would look to travel around April and late September/October however the temperature is getting colder by this time.

How long should I spend in Positano?

I definitely think it is worth more than a day trip but remember that the longer you spend the more it will cost. We stayed in Sorrento and travelled in on the SITA bus each day to Positano for 2 days, Amalfi for 1 day and then took a day trip to Capri. Ideally I would have another few of days one to spend in Positano, a full day or 2 for Sorrento and one to spend in Ravello and smaller stops.

Remember views are free!

We may not have taken an expensive boat trip or dined at the most exclusive restaurants but we loved our time here! We ate at the friendliest place, spending time amazing at the most incredible views and people watching at the most beautiful locations.

If you want any help planning or have any questions feel free to ask in the comments we are happy to help!

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Pam March 13, 2023 - 6:57 pm

Hi. I have a correction about getting from Sant’Agnello to Positano. I am here at the moment. There is a direct bus from there without having to go to Sorrento. It is also quicker, because it goes in the other direction via Meta.
You can download the timetable from the Sita website or even better download the app where you can find prices, routes and buy bus tickets online.

Passport Nomads
Kelly April 24, 2023 - 6:10 am

Amazing thank you for the info, I will add it in! Have a great time, it is a beautiful area.


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