Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

by Kelly

I’m calling it…this is the must visit destination of 2025! Caye Caulker (pronounced Kee-Caulker) is a perfect little island hidden gem that you really have to visit. It is the prettiest little island tucked just off the coast of Belize, full of friendly locals, great food and a chill Caribbean vibe. Dreaming of escaping to an island hideaway? Caye Caulker is it.

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How to get to Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is home to approximately just 2,000 people. Tourists make their way there mainly between January – April which is the high season although you can visit year round. Stepping off the ferry we discovered an island paradise with Caribbean vibes. It’s tiny and charming, the people are lovely and the food is excellent.

We had a long travel day from Tulum to reach Caye Caulker. Starting with a 4am ADO bus Tulum-Chetumal, before getting on a Marlin Escapes charter to Belize city port. From here we caught the ferry across to Caye caulker.

The easier way (which sadly wasn’t running on the date we went) is to get to Chetamul and then jump on the San Pedro Water Taxi Water Jets ferry across to Caye caulker. This is the easiest and fastest way and everyone who did it was very happy. They run every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sa..

If you are coming from Guatemala near Tikal, this company offers transfers from El Remate, near Flores & Tikal to Caye Caulker.

If you are heading to Tikal in Guatemala afterward this company offers a transfer from Belize City Port to Tikal.

Is Caye Caulker worth visiting? | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

 Yes! Caye Caulker is definitely worth visiting! The island is home to approximately only 2,000 people. High season is between Jan and May although visiting anytime of year is fine. Stepping off the ferry we discovered an island paradise with a strong Caribbean culture. It’s tiny and charming, the people are lovely and the food is excellent.

Where to stay on Caye Caulker

You’ll need to arrive the day before your trip as there’s a briefing informing you of what to expect. If you can stay a few days we highly recommend it, Caye Caulker is definitely worth at least 4 to 5 days depending on how slowly you are happy to go.

We stayed at the Enjoy Hotel, it was central, clean and comfortable.

We also loved Barefoot Caye Caulker Hotel, Colinda Cabanas and Sea Dreams Hotel.

When is the best time to visit Caye Caulker?

The best season is between Jan to April but we went in April and loved it. It was a little windy but that really didn’t matter for us. It’s a great year round destination, the lowest season is September to October.

What to do on Caye Caulker – The island you have to visit in 2025!

Caye Caulker has one motto, ‘go slow’. You’ll see it written everywhere and it’s truly lived by the locals. As soon as you arrive you’ll feel the island time set in. It’s a quiet place where you do best when you do less.

Stroll the island | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Yes I said stroll the island! You can walk it, literally the whole thing in a day. That’s if you walk every single path, nook and cranny. Want to just walk end to end? It’ll take about half an hour at a slow pace.

The Split | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

This is the spot to swim. Head north along the sandy Main Street and you’ll end up at the Split. There’s a big sign so you can’t miss it! To the right there’s a set of steps leading down in to a nice swim spot that we visited everyday. If you walk past The Split sign you will come to the Lazy Lizard sign, it is the restaurant/bar on the front of the Split where you can drink, eat, jump in to the water or sit with your feet in the water. It is a lovely spot.

The Sip and Dip Bar | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Another beach bar where you sit out over the water either on a pontoon or on tables with your feet in the water. There’s hammocks and swings as well. It is colourful and serves food and drinks, usually busy it is a spot to hang out on in Caye Caulker.

Take the ferry | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

You can catch the ferry over to the other side of Caye Caulker. The island is actually split in two and separated by the channel, the Split! Take the ferry over to the newly reopened Northside beach where you can swim in perfect water! It’s the best beach on the island. Ferry costs 5BZD each way and entry to the beach is 10BZD. You’ll have access to beach chairs and there’s a bar you can buy drinks.

Go and watch the stingrays | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Every afternoon around 4pm stingrays come to feed at the beach on Iguana Reef Inn. This is something they do of their own accord but the staff do feed them little fish so it is expected. I never really like recommending activities where animals are exploited but after witnessing it myself it was actually very respectful of the stingrays. 

The staff were keeping everyone back on the shore, making sure they understood what to do and there was minimal fish being passed around. I counted about 10 little fish handed out. There were quite a lot of stingrays so this would not have been their primary source of food.

The sting rays come to the shore and swim over your feet.  They brush up against you and you can gently pat them. Their skin is quite soft, like a very soft leather! They’re called the puppies of the sea as they are playful but they are all barbed so it is advised to be calm, don’t move your feel or be too loud as they can still hurt you.

The seahorse sanctuary  | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Right next to the jetty at Iguana Reef Inn is a little netted area where seahorses live. If you watch long enough you’ll see one pop out from the seaweed. I tried hard to get a photo but it was not easy as they’re tiny!

Do a 3 day/2 night sailing trip!

When we were planning to leave Caye Caulker we jumped on the Ragga Sailing Adventures 3 day/2 night trip which was amazing! It’s honestly a highlight of our time in Belize.

It leaves on Tuesdays and Fridays and offers the most wonderful trip along the Belize barrier reef to Dangriga. You can read about our experience on our Ragga Sailing Adventures blog! Feel free to comment below or email us if you have any questions! We are happy to help.

Go Slow and watch the chill life unfold around you | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

We love finding a spot to sit and people watch. There are some characters here and you’ll enjoy soaking up the charm. Head to the Split to watch people jumping off the makeshift platform. Go Slow is the motto of the island!. Adhere to this and you will love your time on Caye Caulker and understand why it is the must visit destination of 2025!

Sunset spot | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Most people head to the Split or Iguana Reef Inn for sunset, we went to a little jetty just near the Inn. It’s located only a short walk to the left. We were the only people there each time, except for once when a newly engaged couple came for engagement photos which was so nice to see. Grab a drink from the little store and head down here for a peaceful and beautiful sunset.

Yoga | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Namaste Cafe does a yoga class that is pay by donation. Beginning at 8am , held at the top of their cafe. Open air, yoga class and a coffee afterward is just a perfect start to the day.

Do a snorkelling trip | Caye Caulker must visit destination in 2025

Caye Caulker is located close to the second largest reef in the world. The Belize Barrier Reef is beautiful, you can do snorkelling or diving trips out each day. Ragga Sailing adventures offers great single day trips.

We were recommended this 7 stop snorkelling tour by lots of people. We really wanted to do it but only had a short time before leaving on our 3 day/2 night sailing adventure!

Where to eat on Caye Caulker?  | The island you have to visit in 2025!

We found our favourite place to eat at Martinez Takeaway. It is a hole in the wall window where you order your meal. It will be given to you takeaway and they have benches to eat at near the water. Just look out for the yellow bench tables.

We are their stew chicken which is a local Belizean dish. It was 8BZD and completely delicious! Highly recommend this one. It closes at 2pm everyday and is closed on Mondays.

We also ate at Aunties which was good. I had the stew chicken and Mike had the fried conch.

Fry jacks at Jenny’s Food to Go is another must. They make them fresh and you can fill with ham and cheese, eggs and more. Prices start around 4BZD. They’re good! Another place that is good is Errolyn’s House of Fry Jacks.

For mornings head to Ice and Beans, they do breakfasts (they have gluten free toast!) and the best coffee on the island. We also bought snacks and drinks from Prime, Enjoy and Amigos Minimarkets.

If you’re gluten free check out my Gluten Free Belize blog!

What you need to know to go | Caye Caulker The island you have to visit in 2025!

Lots of restaurants and shops will be closed on Mondays, their day off! If you have a favourite restaurant and are leaving on Tuesday get your fill on Sunday!

Places will be open but your favourite may not. The whole town is a little quieter and not so busy.

There’s 2 ATMs on the island, we used the main one, Atlantic Bank. There was no fee!

Alcohol is cheap to buy in stores, you can easily buy rum or whatever you are chasing in shops and a mixer to make your own drinks, bars can get expensive.

Bottles can be returned to the mini markets for a return fee. We highly recommend told about this by a local guy cycling by(see below)! If you buy glass soft drink or beer bottles make sure to return them and get back 10BZD.

Locals are really friendly! We were always called out to with tips from passing locals. It was genuine and just really nice.

Caye Caulker is a must visit destination in 2025! We really loved our time here and plan to go back as soon as we can. It’s a place that we think will get really popular soon, it’s too perfect not to! Check out our Belize itinerary to plan your trip!

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