Mahahual Mexico

by Kelly

Mahahual Mexico, looking for a couple of quiet slow days to sit by the beach then Mahahual is for you! Its charm lies in the small, sleepy village feel and stunning beach.

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Where is Mahahual, Mexico?

Mahahual a tiny beachside town that is incredibly charming. It is a little stretch of road with stalls and restaurants, cafes and shops along one side and beach and beach clubs along the other. Located 2.5 hours (226km) from Tulum and just over an hour (104km) from Bacalar. It makes a great stop travelling to or from Belize and a must visit on your Mexico itinerary!

How to get to Mahahual?

Mahahual beach from cruise port

This could not be easier! It is only a very short 12 minute (3.7km) drive. You can get one of the many taxis that will be waiting at the port to take you to the main beach area of Mahahual. It costs $5USD per person (as of April 2024). You will easily be able to catch a taxi back to the cruise port, just ask a waiter to get you one. They will literally be waiting along the Main Street for guests returning to the boats.

You can also stroll along the beach path from the cruise port, it is about a 3.4km walk but it really is a pretty one!

Bacalar to Mahahual

Bacalar is the main town to catch a bus to and from Mahahual. You can get an ADO bus to Bacalar and then in the ADO office there book a ticket to Mahahual, it cost us 90MXN and you should book as soon as you know when you are going. You will not find this booking online, it is done in office only. It will also be booked with another bus company that runs smaller mini buses.

To get from Mahahual you will walk back to where the mini bus drops you and buy a ticket to return to Bacalar, they usually leave about 6:30am.

We dropped into the bus station in Mahahual and were able to purchase a ticket for a mini van going to Playa Del Carmen for 200 MXN each. It cost and you have to purchase the day before. On the morning of leaving line up waiting for the van, you will hand over your luggage then wait to be called on board. It is first come best served in terms of seating. If you are first booked you get your choice of seat. The people that run it use a check list of names to make sure everyone is onboard. You won’t see this advertised, I have put an image of the bus and the bus station in Mahahual below. You buy tickets from the little booth which also sells food and drinks.

Tulum or Cancun to Mahahual

If you are coming to Mahahual from Tulum or Cancun you will either be arriving by car or bus. Having a car in Mexico is great so you can set your own itinerary and stop off along the way. It is not too difficult to drive here, the road conditions are quite good. We always use Rental Cars to book our hires when travelling.

If you are not hiring a car then you will want to book with ADO. It is the best bus service in Mexico! The buses are comfortable and clean. We used them everywhere. You can book on BusBud which keeps all your tickets online and also shows you any other options that may suit better. To get to Mahahual you can go to Bacalar then follow the above instructions for Bacalar.

Is Mahahual Mexico worth visiting?

Tiny Mahahual is absolutely worth visiting, especially if you love the beach! If you are looking for a quiet hamlet to totally relax without the pressure of too much to do then this is for you. There are actually a lot of activities you can do if you want or you can spend your time chilling on the beach, either way it is beautiful and a must visit!

Beautiful Mahahual Mexico beach costa Maya

How long to stay in Mahahual Mexico?

We stayed two nights at Inkanto Luxury Hotel and wished we had planned to stay longer. It really depends what you plan to do. If you’re doing lots of tours you’ll need a few extra days. We could have spent a week staying at Inkanto and spending our days lying on the beach.

Mahahual Hotel:

The best accommodation in Mahahaul is Inkanto Luxury Hotel! We loved our stay here and highly recommend it! Read our full review of Inkanto Luxury Hotel here.

Do you need a car in Mahahual Mexico?

While having a car to travel Mexico is a great way to get around, you don’t really need one for Mahahual. It’s a tiny town and Inkanto Luxury Hotel is located so perfectly you really don’t need to.

There are literally hundreds of taxis lining the streets of Mahahual. They are everywhere, we were really surprised given how small the town is but it is for the cruise ships. When the cruise ships are in port the people get taxis from the port to the beach and spend the day at the beach clubs. While this may sound like it would make the town overrun and awful we really didn’t find it to be so. However the taxis are making great money from this and their prices are pretty high. It really is not necessary if you are just staying at the beach, even from the cruise port is only a 3.4km walk!

Things to do in Mahahual Mexico

There isn’t a lot to do at Mahahual itself, which is part of its charm. The small village feel is one of the reasons that Mahahual is worth visiting in Mexico. These are the things we enjoyed the most.

Mahahual Beach

This is the main thing to do at Mahahaual and should be the drawcard to visiting. It really is so lovely. The colour is a bright turquoise blue and crystal clear. Thanks to the reef and the rustic barrier erected to protect it from guests the seaweed also is not an issue. We spent as much time as possible lazing on the beach and I would happily go back anytime to spend a week doing this!

Mahahual beach club

A Mahahual beach club is a must! It is the perfect way to spend a day. Relaxing out under the Mexican sun is a dream. We really loved our beach club at Inkanto Luxury Hotel it was the perfect place to spend our days. You can order drinks and food from the restaurant there and the staff are excellent. You can visit without staying at the hotel as well, just ask for a sun lounger and staff will assist you, just make sure to order drinks and food from them. The beach here is the best, it is clean and quite a wide area for swimming. It really doesn’t’t get any better than this!

You can book other beach club experiences as well, these are the best we found:

Costa maya :VIP Beach Club Experience + relaxing massage – all-inclusive VIP package at La Chilangaloense Beach Club. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage, delicious fish tacos and local delicacies, and indulge in premium cocktails by the beach. What a way to spend a day!

Costa Maya All Included Beach Break Experience – a full open bar, your choice of lunch options, guaranteed Lounge Chairs, Palapas, umbrellas and round trip transportation. Kayaks and snorkeling gear are also available on our beautiful beach!

Massages on Mahahual Beach

We saw loads of people getting massages on the Mahahual beach front. There are lots to choose from, the prices are all pretty similar. Is there anything more relaxing than a beachside massage? If you don’t take one of the tours with massages included then it is easy to get one yourself on the beach.

Snorkelling and Diving Mahahual Mexico

There is a reef just 10 minutes from the beach front at Mahahual. While there are lots of dive shops along the beach we chose to go snorkelling with Snorkelling with Mar Adentro Diving Mahahual. They are an excellent dive shop that are not only really well organised but they care for the environment. Our instructors were very focused on both the safety of the guests, their experience and that everyone understood how best to care for the reef and the animals that inhabit it. This is really important to us and we are so glad we went with them. Check out my blog on our snorkelling experience with Mar Adreno Mahahual Mexico! You can book their snorkelling tours here or you can book a private snorkelling experience here!

The big Mahahual sign

There is a big sign at every destination, this is the one at Mahahual!

Tours in Costa Maya

Mahahual is a great base to do tours from. There are lots that leave from either the town or the Costa Maya Cruise Port which is easily accessed from the town also. These are the best we found:

Costa Maya Ruins:

Chacchoben Mayan Ruins from Costa Maya – see one of the most popular constructions in the world and learn about the history and culture of the Chacchoben ruins and the town of Mahahual.

Another option is Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and village from Costa Maya – the local village called Pedro Santos (Pineapple Village) and the Chacchoben archaeological site.

Chacchoben Maya Ruins & Mexican Lunch at the Beach – visit Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and then enjoy a Mexican lunch on the beach at Mahahual! (Lunch an a drink included)

Things to do in Costa Maya

Mahahual Segway Adventure & Beach Break – ride along the beach enjoying the best views of Costa Maya while discovering the local flavor of this charming town.

Costa Maya E- Bikes Rental – Freely explore the beautiful and scenic views of Costa Maya

Costa Maya Open Bar ATV Adventure – Mahahual Costa Maya ATV Half-Day Adventure, you’ll ride an ATV for hour as a group before relaxing on the beach for lunch and open-bar access for 3 hours

Mahahual:Mexican Cooking Class +relaxing Massage & Beach Day – Learn to make Ceviche, Guacamole, and Salsa with guidance. Enjoy local beer, delectable Margaritas and a 30-minute relaxing massage by the beach.

Mahahual: Kayaking in the Mangroves Experience – Kayaking through beautiful mangroves near Mahahual and learning about the ecosystem

Mahahual: Costa Maya Birdwatching Experience – a small-group birdwatching adventure in Mahahual, Costa Maya. An experienced guide leads you through the jungle, mangroves, and grasslands to spot elusive birds.

Mahuahual: Fishing and Traditional Mexican Dish – 4 hours of fishing in the coast off Mahahual and enjoy a Mayan-style Mexican ceviche

Mahahual: Authentic Mezcal & Tequila Tasting Experience – authentic tasting experience in Costa Maya

Costa maya :VIP Beach Club Experience + relaxing massage – all-inclusive VIP package at La Chilangaloense Beach Club. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage, delicious fish tacos and local delicacies, and indulge in premium cocktails by the beach. What a way to spend a day!

Costa Maya All Included Beach Break Experience – a full open bar, your choice of lunch options, guaranteed Lounge Chairs, Palapas, umbrellas and round trip transportation. Kayaks and snorkeling gear are also available on our beautiful beach!

Costa Maya tours to Bacalar

Bacalar 7 Colors Lagoon Excursion – Visit the Bacalar Lagoon is Black Cenote, Cenote Esmeralda and explore the Pirate Channel, swim in the Bacalar lagoon then lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Bacalar Private Catamaran Lunch and Drinks from Costa Maya – cruise out on private catamaran for relaxation on the stunning lagoon. You will be served a fruit snack during the cruise then lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Check out the cute shops

The rustic shops along the beach street are filled with beautiful crafts, clothes and so much more! You will find everything from souvenirs to sunglasses.

Watch sunrise on the Costa Maya beach

Sunrise at Mahahual is spectacular! The beach is the perfect place to sit and watch it come up. The sky turns a fiery orange and the water lights up with it! We stayed at Inkanto Luxury Hotel and wandered across the beach path at about 6am, sitting there for an hour watching it with just a few locals. It was a dream.

Where to eat at Mahahual:

Mahahual Restaurants:

Our number one recommendation is Maritime Restaurant. This is Inkanto Luxury Hotels restaurant and it is lovely. Their drinks and food are excellent. It is a great dining experience right across from the beach.

Best street food in Mahahual

Lots of people love the Krazy Lobster Costa Maya, it is a really popular restaurant, however our favourite place to eat in Mahahual was the street food vendor that was only available in the evenings. His stall was always packed with locals and we enjoyed it with them both evenings we were in Mahahual. He makes a few different Mexican dishes but we couldn’t go past the sopas. They were a great size and tasted delicious. Made from corn meal and topped with your choice of meat, cheese and salad it was the perfect dinner sitting watching the soccer game next to us! The ladies were making the corn sopas as we waited for our food.

There is a range of street food in the evenings, hot dogs, hot chips and churros. Mike tried the hot dog one night but I couldn’t go past the sopas.

There were two other restaurants we tried out during the day for lunch, they were good but we really loved the street food for dinner! Two to try are: La Curvita near the taxi ranks and the taco stand along the Main Street, see pic below!

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