Your go to Sri Lanka packing list

by Kelly

Okay so you think you know what to take on a holiday but do you really? Each country is so different and there can be those little things that you forget that could make the difference between being ready or running around searching for gumboots in a market… true story.

I’m skipping the basics, here is everything extra you will need for your ultimate Sri Lanka trip!

  • Pack some white clothes. In all the temples most people wear white, it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t but if you want to show respect and that you understand some of the culture white is better. Especially if you are visiting around a holy day.
  • Skirts/dresses –  you will need long skirts or dresses to cover your legs past your knee, at least midi length to enter temples.
  • Long pants if you are a man…Mike found this out the hard way and wore long pants after that! Below is a rare pic of him in a sarong, kindly borrowed from and tied on by the security guard at the entrance.
  • Jumper – It gets cold in the highlands, you’ll be glad you have it. Although really you’ll probably want it on the plane anyway as well.
  • Thongs/flip flops/jandles –  the easiest thing to wear visiting temples as you have to take your shoes off. Also for the beach.
  • A rain jacket or poncho – yep it will rain. It might be a light shower, a drizzle or a downpour…you wont see it coming. We didn’t take one, thinking we would be fine as we could just sit in our tuk tuk. But getting to and from the tuk tuk…. drenched! Also yes the tuk has flaps you can put down, no it is not at all easy to put them back up as neatly as you found them…
  • A sarong or scarf –  you will need it when you go to temples, the beach, when you are cold in the high lands…or if you need a makeshift pillow.
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen – it can really hot, you’ll be out and about sightseeing and it is really easy to get burnt. I put sunscreen on in the morning so I know I’m ready for the day. I’ll carry the mosquito repellent with me for when it is needed.
  • Hiking shoes or trainers – you’ll definitely want to hike at some point in Sri Lanka. Places that have stairs are ok but honestly why risk it. We always take a pair of trainers with us for those mountains you’ll want to get to the top of. Ella has a heap and you are definitely not hiking Worlds End in thongs!
  • Refillable water bottle. Help to save the planet and reduce plastic waste! If you can refill from a hotel or restaurant please do. You’ll want a water bottle to take on hikes as well. We took a double walled stainless steel one so the water stays as cool as possible for as long as possible. It was excellent, we just purchased a large bottle and refilled from there, or if there was safe water offered at our hotel or a restaurant we could fill up there too.


Electrical bits and pieces – there is no getting away from it, you’ll just need these things-

A rechargeable power bank, you don’t want to run out of power on a train or in the tuk tuk while using google maps…
An adapter – we had our universal one but you will also need a 3 prong round adapter, I was told it’s like England used to have. They are everywhere, apparently they are type D and G. You will find a red universal adapter at some hotels which are awesome and allow you to plug in multiple devices to charge but to be on the safe side bring both types as well.
A portable speaker. It may sound strange but if you are renting a tuk tuk it is perfect to have your music playing while driving long distances. We love our Bose mini speaker which is waterproof and tiny! It does have more weight than we would like but it has great sound for the size.
Download maps me or offline google maps if you can, if you are driving around you’ll definitely need it! Having Maps.Me and Offline google maps really saved us in many situations where we weren’t sure of the direction. We use the in every country, they are both a necessity.

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