Sri Lanka: Ella – Everything you should do

by Kelly

Ella is a funky little town. Its popularity has grown in recent years and it is now a thriving tourist town. It basically consists of just one street which is packed with cafes, coffee shops and bars.

Ella accommodation:

There are some really great places to stay in Ella, unfortunately we did not get one at first and spent the evening racing around checking out other places to stay.

We stayed in Pavillions Hostel for one night and then moved to Rawana Rock Road Homestay. It was a little further out of town but it was quite nice. Be prepared for almost every budget to mid priced room to have some mould on the walls or roof.

Where to eat:

We stopped in for drinks at One Love Cafe it is an awesome spot for a drink. They are super friendly and chill. The upper floors have bean bags and mattresses to chill out on after sight seeing or hiking during the day.

Matey Hut is a popular place to eat. The food was really good and the service was great. It is right near the tunnel on the corner and is just a tiny restaurant.

If you are after a really cheap meal there is a cafe that is a bit out of town but it does rice and curry for 150 rupees a plate. The food was actually one of the best meals we have had as well. It was called Delicious Cafe, you can check it out here.

Streets of Ella Sri Lanka

Ella attractions:
1.Nine Arch Bridge.

The best thing to do in Ella is visit Nine Arch Bridge. It is something that everyone visiting Ella should do, it’s incredibly majestic in real life. It seems unbelievable that a bridge could live up to the hype but it really does.

2. Ella Rock.

Hiking Ella rock is awesome, it is difficult but it is worth it. There are some beautiful views and is a hike you won’t forget.

3. Little Adams Peak.

This is another great little hike. It isn’t hard and only takes about half an hour to get up. Named Adams Peak due to it’s resemblance to Adams Peak in Nuwara Eliya.

4. Diyaluma Falls.

This is one of my favourite spots. The views from the edge are awesome! A tricky hike but it’s definitely worth it!

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