Red Jeep San Andreas Fault Tour

by Kelly

Can you imagine anything more fun than bouncing around on the back of a red jeep while hurtling along the San Andreas Fault line? I couldn’t either! Which is why we knew we had to take a Red Jeep Tour while in Palm Springs!

What is the San Andreas Fault?

The San Andreas Fault is a continental right-lateral strike-slip transform fault that extends roughly 1,200 kilometres through California.

What does the Red Jeep Tour include?

The Red Jeep Tour of the San Andreas Fault is action packed and full of fun! The tour includes snacks, water, your awesome guide and the most fun red jeep experience.

Where is the Red Jeep Tour?

Held on Metate Ranch which is privately owned land set right on the fault line. You’ll arrive in a big car parking lot, which is easily found by signage and simple directions on Google Maps, provided by Red Jeep Tours. Once you’ve checked in, parked your car it’s time to meet your tour guide, we were so lucky to have Teresa as our guide.

Meet our guide!

Teresa had a wealth of knowledge and imparted that on us in an upbeat, fun and informative way. Immediately upon meeting she felt like a friend, making us all feel welcome, and created a great group atmosphere. Throughout the tour she continued to make everyone feel included by giving them little jobs and sharing jokes with them. Her happy nature and true interest in the landscape was infectious. We soon knew the features of the desert well.

The itinerary for the Red Jeep San Andreas Fault Tour

We started off toward the innermost part of the ranch. Stopping along the way to get acquainted with the landscape and fault itself. After our little school lesson and science experiment…aka a yummy Oreo fault line lesson. We were off to explore and see the effects of the tectonic plates up close.

Bouncing around in the jeep under the warm February sun we all had smiles plastered across our faces. We entered the canyon areas. Teresa found spots to show us the uplift which occurs when tectonic plates move. She also showed how the fine dust created during the process is the reason why palm oasis exist! We learnt about all of the types of rock and plants.

The slot canyons / Red Jeep San Andreas Fault Tour

I had been so excited to visit slot canyons while on the tour and finally the moment arrived! We hopped out of the jeep to follow Teresa and take an easy walk through two slot canyons. She expertly navigated them while teaching us about the plant types through feel, smell and tasting them. We also learnt about their uses by the local Cahuilla Indians.

Spotting animals in the rocks as we went became a fun game as we approached my favourite part, the hike up into the canyons. Finding our way through the narrow layers of rock was thrilling. Squeezing through and under we made our way further into the canyon. Finally reaching a place where we were totally surrounded. It was serene and spectacular. Teresa had our safely in mind at all times, checking in on us. It was not a demanding walk and people of all ages and physical abilities easily took part.

After hiking through two different locations we took photos and relished being in such an untouched natural environment.

The Cahuilla Indian Village / Red Jeep San Andreas Fault Tour

The Cahuilla Indians were extremely clever and able to live in what would be considered as a harsh environment. We were then taken to a recreated village. Here we saw how they lived, village structure, food and water use. We learnt about how their community worked and thrived.

Arriving back at the car park to end the tour the 3 hours had flown by! We were all in awe of the environment, those that lived on it and Teresa’s knowledge. It was a completely enthralling adventure and one we highly recommend to anyone visiting Palm Springs and surrounding areas. 

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