Wengen is a must visit town in Switzerland

by Kelly

Wengen is a must visit town in Switzerland! It is such a picturesque little village up in the mountains above Lauterbrunnen.

This blog was in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism and Swiss Travel System. All opinions are our own, we are excited to show you this incredible country!

How to get to Wengen?

We took the train up to the little town of Wengen and it was the most incredibly beautiful train journey. I think it may be the most scenic we have ever been on. It really is worth going to Wengen for this train trip!

We arrived in Lauterbrunnen from Interlaken by train and then took the train up to Wengen. It was all included in our Swiss Travel Pass. You will catch a cute old yellow and green train which will rattle its way up the valley to Wengen.

Where to stay in Wengen

These are the best options to stay in Wengen, it really is a must! Imagine waking up in this cute little mountain town and feeling all the cosy Swiss chalet vibes! We have searched for the best options and listed them here.

Budget: Alpine Hotel Wengen -former Sunstar Wengen, Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn,

Midrange: Arenas Resort Victoria-Lauberhorn, Historic Hotel Falken, Hotel Berghaus

Luxe: Hotel & Spa Silberhorn Wengen, Hotel Regina, Hotel Schönegg, Chalet Schneehoren Penthouse

You can also stay at Lauterbrunnen and visit Wengen on the train, these are our Lauterbrunnen favourites:

Budget: Valley Hostel, Camping Jungfrau, BASE Cafe, Alpine Base Hostel – Adults only, Hostel Schutzenbach Backpackers for 18-35’s

Midrange: Hotel Oberland, Hotel Schützen Lauterbrunnen, Chalet Rosa B&B, Chalet Elza,

Luxe: Apartment Breithorn – beautiful waterfall valley home, Breathtaking Waterfall Apartment


There are tons of hikes that you can take from Wengen. They are varying degrees of difficulty and length and specific ones best for winter and summer. Hiking in Wengen is so popular, it’s easy to see why as it is just incredibly beautiful!


Wengen – Staubbach bench hike

This is the pretty hike we did to find the beautiful view over the valley. It is mostly flat and very well paved. The hike takes you around the village of Wengen and through to the countryside. You will pass by beautiful farms and farm animals. We didn’t see another person while walking out here. It was pure bliss to be surrounded by such incredible scenery. On the way back we detoured in to the lower part of the village and took in the stunning views from here.

Wengen benches (Bänkli)

In Switzerland, Bänkli (benches) are a tradition, a cultural heritage. Benches are positioned to show the best views. They have been the sites of many happy moments and offered places of solace.

Our favourite was the Staubbachbench in Wengen. This is one of the most beautiful benches in the area. It only took us about 30-40 minutes to reach walking from the town. Here you will take in the stunning view of Staubbach Falls. The view here is one of the landmarks of Lauterbrunnen. We brought with us some cheese, bread and meat and made a picnic to enjoy the views.

Make friends with the animals along the way

As you walk along the Swiss trails you will come across so many cute animals. We saw sheep, lambs, cows and a donkey. It’s a part of experiencing the Swiss countryside to stop and enjoy the happy animals in the fields.

Wengen Viewpoints

There are so many great viewpoints in Wengen. They are really well placed to show off the incredible location.

Enjoy the town of Wengen

Wengen itself is tiny and pretty! It is tucked away in the mountain tops and each building is a wooden Swiss chalet. You will find plenty of charming moments here. Wengen is a must visit town in Switzerland!

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