What to do in Langkawi, Malaysia for 3 days.

by Kelly

Langkawi, the “Jewel of Kedah”, was not at all what I was expecting, we only had a few short days here but it really made an impact.

I guess I was expecting a beach spot like all the others, where tourists go to just lay on a beach and soak up the sun. While this is true, to me, this little island was a whole lot more.

Getting there:

You can get a boat to Langkawi from Koh Lipe if you are coming from Thailand but we flew from Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia. They have  cheap flights and usually multiple options in flight times, making them very affordable and convenient to travel with. Langkawi airport was really new and modern, a really nice place to fly in to, we had already downloaded the Grab app and it was super easy to use and get a pick up at the airport. There was even a discount code, GRABLANGKAWI, advertised at the airport which gave us 8 Ringgit off the first 2 rides we took, perfect for getting to our accommodation and then back to the airport when leaving.


Chenang Beach is an awesome place to stay, there is enough on offer that you can get what you need but not too much so you feel it’s too busy. We had booked accommodation which was a really quick drive from the airport, we decided on a basic option for the first few nights and then moved later to spend the last couple in a more medium level accommodation.

Chenang Beach Langkawi, Malaysia

We stayed at the Tok Jar Zen Rooms and it was super budget but in a great location, it is a quick walk to the beachfront and there is also a night food market next door that is great for dinner options! The staff were really great and we had no problems at all during our stay, air conditioning, hot and cold water and the bed was comfy. The TV only had local channels but I became quite engrossed in a TV show that I had to piece together with the language barrier!

Check it out here:

We then moved to the Royal Agate Hotel, we were sad to see that the rooftop bar/garden was out of order while they finished some maintenance as this looked like a great place to spend the afternoon but the accommodation was really good for the price. The room was quite large and modern, TV had some English channels and the bathroom was decent as well.

Shopping and Money Exchange:

There are lots of duty free shops in Cenang Beach, Kudah and the Harbour. These are pretty affordable if you are looking to go shopping but we were more interested in the cheap drinks and snacks.

There is a great money exchange in the shopping centre opposite the beach center area, it is attached to the bank and gives a good exchange rate.

Langkawi Best Beaches:

We only had a short time here and are already planning on coming back and exploring further but our top 2 picks are-

Pantai Cenang is quite small, a main street lined with jasmine plants a really nice touch and it leads to the beach in the center. The beach is a long expanse, reaching from the Langkawi sign on the hill right across to the far end, you can walk up and down and find yourself a little patch all to yourself! There are bars and restaurants along the beach that offer happy hours and food but we ended up buying a drink from the duty free shop across the road and sitting on the sand to enjoy the sunset. The beach gets crowed at sunset when everyone heads down to enjoy the cooler temperature and the views. This was my favourite part of the day, people from all backgrounds flocking to the beach. Everyone getting along, so many smiles, it was really lovely to experience such a multicultural environment.

Tanjung Rhu Beach is a this was a beautiful and serene beach with clear water and white sands, definitely worth the trip to visit it. We had  lunch in a little cafe on the sand where we had the cheapest and best ayam chicken of our whole trip!

Getting around:

We hired a scooter for 25 Ringgit for a full day hire and headed off to explore the island. We had a plan to stop in at multiple sites around the island but we enjoyed soaking up the scenery and the ride so much we changed our itinerary to suit. Honestly the best thing about hiring a scooter is not being tied down and being able to decide where and when you want to move on or go to next.

Where to go:

We were planning on visiting the sky cab and walk but ended up at the Seven Wells Waterfall and I am so glad we took this option. Less people and after the hike up the stairs the stunning views of the waterfall was completely worth it! We then walked up the next set of (much longer!) stairs to reach the top of the waterfall. It was amazing at the top, multiple pools to dip in and a couple that had areas where you can slide through the rocks to the deeper pool below. Mike had to try it out, while I watched nervously. He loved it and I couldn’t stop him after he started!

View from the pools on the edge of Seven Wells

If you have more time then the Sky Cab Cable Car and Sky Bridge, the Kilim Geoforest Park and Gunung Raya are highly recommended and places we will definitely visit next trip. I’ve also heard great things about an island hopping boat trip I’m super interested in.

Where to eat:

We had a couple of favourite spots to eat in Cenang Beach, Warung Coffee for breakfast and coffee during the day, the hot coffee is the perfect and blend of sweetened condensed milk and coffee and they do it as an iced coffee which is just as nice. Breakfast was a choice of egg and toast or the traditional Malaysian nasi lemak.

warung coffee Langkawi malaysia

We generally ate lunch and dinner at the 24 hour restaurant just at the front of the entrance to the Royal Agate, the food was good and consistent and I found that I could customise my order to accommodate for gluten free eating.

Langkawi Night Market:

We also headed to the night market which is on each night but moves to a different destination. It is on each Thursday night near Cenang Beach from 5pm-9pm. You can walk there, just head to the end of the road and follow the crowd to the market. The way is dark and you will need a phone or torch to find your way. There are cars and motor bikes flying along the road as well so keep an eye out! The market was amazing, the food was tasty and a huge variety on offer. Mike tucked in to the fish balls, fried chicken and won tons while I ate my body weight in mango!

Our Top Tip:

The beach is definitely a must do in the afternoon, sit and enjoy the atmosphere, listen to the band that plays there each night and forget all your worries.


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