Tequila Tasting Tulum

by Kelly

Tequila tasting in Mexico is a must do activity and there is no better place to do it than in Tulum. We went to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Tulum, Encanto Cantina.

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Best Mexican Restaurant Tulum

Located in Tulum town Encanto Cantina has been long established. Transforming from a small shack to a beautiful restaurant over the years. They offer a great range of local foods which are cooked to perfection, it really is the best Mexican restaurant in Tulum.

The Tasting

We met our lovely host who showed us to our table. Sitting in the garden is magical, the table set up so beautifully it instantly creates an exciting atmosphere! It’ was an’s such enchanting space, so perfectly designed.

The tequila and mezcal

We were shown the drinks we were to taste, consisting of 7 locally made tequila, mezcal and other unique liquors to try. I loved that there was such a great range and some really lesser known options. We got a lesson on each drink, where it was produced and the history of it. This really helps to understand the drinks, the culture and feel a connection to it. We tasted two mezcal, a tequila, pox, raicilla, sotol and whiskey!

The Tasting and food pairing

We tasted each of the drinks, discovering that it should be sipped and savoured instead of shots drunk quickly. It is exciting to learn about perfect pairings for each drink.

We tried everything from Don Julio Tequila to 400 Conejos Mezcal, Mexican Whiskey and Pox to name a few! Each drink was paired so perfectly we were in awe. We experimented with the different tastes to see how citrus, spices and richer foods like tacos or light ceviche would change the taste of the drink. The most incredible moment was when we were asked to sip the liquor called Pox. It was strong and honestly not my favourite drink. However we were told to smell the cinnamon stick then sip again, suddenly Pox was delicious! It was incredible, the scent of a spice changed the taste so dramatically. I loved learning about these different combinations.

Trying Mezcal for the first time

We were also able to try Mezcal for the first time, the first sip was so unique! Smokey woody tasting and paired with fresh pineapple and ‘worm salt’ it was incredible, a completely new flavour for both of us. We decided that a good Mezcal is something you’ve got to experience. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. A Smokey flavour that becomes softer as you savour it. Combining it with the tacos was the perfect combination.

Making cocktails

Once all the drinks were tasted we selected our favourite liquor and juices for our host to whip us up a cocktail. It was so much fun getting to create our own drink. This truly is a wonderful experience and one we really recommend. It is a unique and fun way to experience this part of the Mexican culture and we left feeling a closer connection to this beautiful country we have fallen for! Check out Encanto Cantina here!

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Where to stay in Tulum?

This is a really important decision! You’ve got 2 main options, downtown Tulum town or the beach. They are going to cost different prices and offer a different experience.

The cheaper option will be Tulum town. We stayed here at a great apartment with a pool and easy walking access to downtown, a huge supermarket and the road to the ruins and the beach. The apartment is Tulum Nah and we stayed in room A2. This was ground floor so we could walk out to the pool anytime and have our breakfast here as well. It has a full kitchenette and is really spacious! The price was affordable, we always recommend booking with Booking.com as early as possible as it reduces the cost. 

Tulum Town Accommodation:

Cheap Tulum Hotels:

Castillo Tulum – great pricing, big rooms, nicely decorated.

Howlita Tulum – Adult Only friendly staff, comfortable rooms, great decor and pool. Breakfast included.

Midrange Tulum Town accommodation:

BAU Tulum – Great breakfast included, great location, lovely staff

Botånica Tulum – cool vibes, great decor, pool and breakfast included.

Luxury Tulum Town accommodation:

Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort – Adults Only – superb stays, hidden gem. Beautiful rooms and different package options.

Hotel Milam – impeccable. The perfect Tulum expereince.

Tulum Beach Accommodation:

Staying at the beach will be more expensive but you’re in the thick of it all! The beach is stunning and if you can afford it I would spend a few nights to soak it up. The best deals we found were:

Budget Tulum Beach accommodation:

GlampIKAL – stunning location, glamping style with cool decor.

Chancabañita Tulum – great breakfast included, beachfront location, lovely stay

Hidden Treehouse Tulum Eco-Hotel – beautiful location, pretty hotel

Midrange Tulum Beach accommodation:

La Conchita Tulum – Really lovely hotel, right on beach but at a more midrange price (for Tulum!)

Los Arrecifes – excellent staff, great rooms with lovely ambiance and breakfast included.

Luxury Tulum Beach accommodation:

Papaya Playa Project – stunning property and rooms, beachfront location. Great breakfast included.

Our Habitas Tulum – really beautiful location, breakfast included and activities available

Azulik – incredible location, very cool beautiful decor, ultimate Tulum vibes

All Inclusive Tulum Accommodation

This is hard to beat, you have everything you need included and will properly never experience Tulum better than at these destination Tulum All Inclusive hotels:

Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club – Adults Only – All Inclusive – cool design, excellent rooms and meals, great beach club.

Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya All-Inclusive Resort – great rooms, good food and pools

How to get to Tulum?

You’ll most likely arrive by air. The Cancun Airport is the most commonly used and only about 2 hours from Tulum. A new Tulum Airport has opened and offers direct flights from many destinations, including lots from the USA. From the airport you can take one of the following:


Once you’re at the airport you can either hire a car and drive yourself around the Yucatan which would be a very cool way to see it all at your own pace.


Shuttles and taxis will be lined up to take you directly to Tulum from the airport, this can be expensive but if you have a group to share it with it could be ok.


The buses are the usual way to get around Mexico. The ADO buses are honestly excellent. Big comfortable seats and good leg room they are how we got almost everywhere in Mexico. Prices are pretty good compared to other options. You can book ADO buses in advance. A word of warning though. Buses sell out. Unless you’re really not sure when you’re travelling I would book your bus a day or two in advance to make sure you get it, you will select your seat as well and this can make or break a trip! Some buses are small mini vans. The best seats are 1 & 2 the two upfront always have the most legroom.

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