10 Best Instagram photo spots in Norway

by Kelly

These are our 10 favourite Instagram photo spots in Norway. They make the perfect places to take some beautiful pictures, practise your photography or make your friends envious on your Instagram!

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Tromso waterfront

The Tromso waterfront is stunning, the glittering harbour filled with boats, the huge bridge leading over to the Arctic Cathedral creates the most beautiful scene.

The best place to stay in Tromso is Clarion Collection Hotel With, the booking includes breakfast, dinner and afternoon tea and the hotel is beautiful!

The following locations are on Norway’s Lofoten Islands, such a beautiful area! The best place to stay is either: Hattvika Lodge, Eliassen Rorbuer or Thon Hotel Svolvær.


Possibly the cutest town in Norway! This tiny little village oozes charm. Find the cosy little café tucked away in a general store, look over the harbour and dream of the simple life here.

Hattvika lodge

Ok so you have to stay here to appreciate it but this is one stunning location. Not only inside the cute little hillside chalets but the property itself. From the stunning light in Fangst the restaurant, the board walk out on the harbour and around on the inlet, this is one stunning location.

Flakstad Church

Pretty little church with a unique shape. We found some yaks next to it that were just as cute!

Rambergstranda red shed

This little red shed sitting just above the beach with views out to the water creates a lovely scene. The contrast of colours is striking, we were lucky enough to be here as a snow storm rolled over and it was spectacular.

Buksnes Church

This is a stunning red church that sits on a small hill, it is just gorgeous.

Eliassen Robuer

One of the most famous photo spots in Norway, the views back to Eliassen Rorbuer are stunning. Located right next to the bridge to Reine it is a magical sight. We caught it in a snow storm which just added to the effect. We stayed the night here and it was spectacular. The perfect place to see the northern lights and to experience a unique part of Norway’s history.

The Northern Lights!

You can’t forget about the northern lights. They make the most incredible photos and are spectacular to witness. There is something about seeing them, the feeling of excitement and wonder is powerful!

Reine and Sakrisøy

Reine harbour is beautiful, well worth visiting. Wander the town and find your favourite scene. We also loved Sakrisøy which is right next to Reine.

The fish drying racks in Reine

These make some great pictures and are a look at the real history and life of Norway. These cod drying racks are unique to the area.

Fredvang Bridges

The bridges to Fredvang are stunning against the Norwegian countryside. We pulled over to take some pictures and fly the drone, it was really lovely. Honestly there are alot of beautiful bridges on Lofoten. They curve so perfectly over the landscapes.

That’s it – while I know this is not an exhaustive list I know I will keep coming back to add to it as we return to beautiful Norway! If you would like some tips from the pros then check out these tours which are centered around photography in Lofoten, these are our top picks:

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