What it’s like staying at Arctic Snow Hotel Lapland, Finland

by Kelly

If you are considering going to Finland then you have to visit the town of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Snow Hotel! It is a truly wonderful experience and one that should not be missed. This is our review of our time spend here, and what you need to know to go.

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Where is the Arctic Snow Hotel?

Located approximately 25km outside of Rovaniemi in Finland you will find Lake Lehtojärvi. The Arctic Snow Hotel sits right on its shore. It is the most tranquil and serene place, covered in snow making it just magical. The area is located in the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland.

Please note: This blog contains affiliate links to trusted partners! If you click and buy through one of our links we earn a small commission that helps keep our blog running. This is at no extra cost to you and as always we only recommend brands and companies that we trust and use ourselves!

Arctic Snow Hotel, Lapland Finland

How do you get to the Arctic Snow Hotel?

The Arctic Snow Hotel offers a pick and and drop off service from Rovaniemi four times a day at scheduled times. It is included in the cost of many of their accommodation or visiting packages. Alternatively you can drive there if you have a rental car or take a bus.

We actually arrived from Abisko in Sweden, taking a bus from there to Pello. Then taking a mini bus from Pello to Rovaniemi, getting off just outside of the entrance to the Snow Hotel. We walked down the country road from there to arrive at the Snow Hotel.

What makes the Arctic Snow Hotel Special?

The Arctic Snow Hotel is so unique, it really does make for a special experience. The Snow Hotel and the Igloos are two separate accommodations. The Snow Hotel is a hotel made completely out of snow and ice. Completely! Not only is it made of ice but it is demolished and rebuilt every year with the seasons. The ice hotel is created out of ice completely new each year with different designs. It is the most incredibly unique hotel we have ever seen. Check out more details on it on our dedicated Ice Hotel experience blog here.

The second type of accommodation are the glass igloos. There are no words for how wonderful it is to stay in the igloos. You have to check out our blog on our glass igloos experience here. It really is exceptional.

Both of these accommodations are so wonderful that staying in both are the best way to fully experience the magical location.

What facilities are available at the Arctic Snow Hotel?

Not only does the Arctic Snow Hotel offer the most wonderfully unique accommodation options they have so many wonderful facilities to take advantage of.

Restaurants and bars at the Arctic Snow Hotel

There are three options for restaurants, each is as tempting as the next!

The Ice Restaurant

The most unique is the Ice Restaurant! A restaurant in the snow hotel which is also made completely out of snow and ice. A visit to the Ice Restaurant is a unique experience. You will be sitting inside a room carved out of ice, on a table and seat made of ice (seat covered by a reindeer skin for your comfort), eating off a plate made of ice! The food is a 3 course menu using some local flavours, giving a really high end dining experience.

The Ice restaurant is open between December 15th – April 1st. You can book in for one of the seating’s on their website. If you are not staying at the hotel you can choose to come out to dine at the Ice Restaurant. This is a great tour to the Ice Restaurant which includes dinner in the Ice Restaurant, transfers as well as the entrance to the Snow Hotel (must be paid if you are not staying at the hotel).

The Log Restaurant

The Log Restaurant is made entirely of large logs and has an authentic rustic charm. This sweet cosy restaurant has 3 menus to choose from when making your booking. They are all delicious and prepared perfectly.

Breakfast is served in the Log Restaurant. Staying in the Snow Hotel or Igloos the breakfast is a must! It is an extensive buffet and so carefully arranged and prepared. As a coeliac I was so well catered for and even brought out gluten free rolls and gluten free cinnamon donuts by a lovely waitress. I was so excited! A breakfast here is the perfect way to get ready for a wonderful day at the Arctic Snow Hotel.

Kota Restaurant

Kota is the restaurant to choose if you don’t want to dine in the Ice restaurant but want the same dining experience. The menu is very similar but it is set in the comfort of a warm room. Watch your food be cooked over an open fire, it is a lovely dining experience.

Kota restaurant is open during Autumn season 1st of September – 19th of November seating at 19:00, and Winter season 20th of November – April 1st seatings at 19:00 & 21:00.

The Ice Bar

The Ice Bar is located in the Snow Hotel, again made completely out of ice and snow! Take a drink in a glass made of ice, throw it against the wall and watch your ice glass shatter into icicles!

The Sky Bar

This is one wonderful bar! The Sky Bar is a very cool bar, head up to the second floor for the aurora viewing glass roof. Sit back, enjoy a speciality cocktail and watch the stars….and hopefully the aurora!

The saunas

The Arctic Snow Hotel has 2 options for saunas as well of course! Sauna culture in Finland is very big, you have to take a sauna here!

The Finnish Sauna

There is the larger sauna called Snowfall which caters for groups and guests. The common sauna shifts for men and women are every evening at 21:00-23:00 and this is included in the accommodation price There are also outdoor jacuzzis available.

The private sauna Snowflake has a series of smaller saunas for private booking by guests and visitors.

Both have access to male and female changerooms and showers.

The Snow Sauna

The Snow Sauna is totally unique! It is a series of tiny saunas set inside a large structure made of snow and ice. Enter the little staircase to climb up into the little space. Sit on a bench and pour water over the hot coals to release a massive cloud of steam. As it slowly clears you will feel the drops if cold water while the ice melts above you. It sounds unusual and it is! I can honestly say it was the best sauna experience I have ever had.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Climb the stairs to the outdoor jacuzzi that have views out over the Snow Hotel or surrounding landscape. There is nothing like sitting in the warm bubbling water while looking over the snowy fields of Finland.

We loved our private Sauna experience! Starting in the Finish sauna, moving to the snow Sauna then the jacuzzi. We repeated the process twice and it was just the most relaxing and revitalising time.

The Ice Chapel

The Ice Chapel is the most unique church I have been in, perfect for those looking for a unique wedding! Imagine sharing the most unique destination wedding ever in a chapel made of ice!


There are so many excursions you can take from the Arctic Snow Hotel, you just book in and pay at the front desk. Onsite there are activates such as a tobogganing hill, ski sleds and games to play. There is a reindeer enclosure where reindeer wander freely. It feels so natural and they are not caged up. We were so excited to see a real reindeer and play in the snow! It was like being kids again and we loved every second.

One of the most exciting times of the year is the Arctic Art festival week! During this time the International Snow Sculpture Competition is held with large sculptures created and judged. There are lots of activates during the week and it is a large event. While we were not there doing this week we saw the sculptures that had been created and entered into the competition. It was incredible! They were so intricate and each one was unique. In 2024 the current dates for the Arctic Art Festival are 22.1.24-28.1.2024

What was the experience of staying at the Arctic Snow Hotel like?

Staying at the Arctic Snow Hotel was like nothing we ever imagined! We spent one night in both the Snow Hotel and the glass igloos and loved both. You can not imagine what it is like to sleep in a hotel made completely of ice and snow. It is freezing cold yet while rugged up in the supplied sleeping bags so does not feel it when in the ice bed. The Igloos are just magical, although there are other igloos nearby you don’t notice them as you are in your own little world looking up at the sky. Check our my detailed reviews of both types of the accommodation here to decide which (or both) is best for you!

The food is spectacular as are the unique experiences, the snow sauna is a must do and the staff are just wonderful. We highly recommend this very special and unique experience, it is one we will never forget.

While we loved our stay if you want to visit but not spend the night check out this great tour to the Arctic Snow Hotel that includes lunch, a tour and a snowmobile tour!

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