Norway Road Trip

by Kelly

Norway is an incredible country, we fell in love with it completely. This is our itinerary for the best Norway road trip. While we went in winter to see the northern lights you could do this trip at any time of the year.

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This Norway Road Trip itinerary covers 10 days in Norway and does include one boat unless you prefer to drive or take a bus!

Day 1: Fly into Tromso

We booked our flight from Copenhagen to Tromso and landed in the afternoon. We jumped on a bus to the town of Tromso, checked in and got ourselves organised to explore the town. Walk the pretty streets, visit the harbour which is lovely at sunset and take in the cute town called the ‘Paris of the North’!

Day 2 – 4: Explore Tromso

Tromso has a lot to do, there are literally hundreds of tours you can do. You should include at least 3 tours if possible, a northern lights tour, an animal experience and a cultural experience. The town is full of museums, pretty photos spots and history. We have detailed everything you should try and fit into your time in Tromso in our very detailed Tromso blog, check it out for all our top tips.

Day 5: Travel from Tromso to Lofoten

This is a choose your own adventure day. We took a Hurtigruten boat port to port from Tromso to Svolvær on Lofoten. The other options were to take a bus or self drive. Let me explain why we took the boat…

Firstly the cost of the Hurtigruten boat was the same as the bus. While the bus takes slightly less time the boat is way more comfortable. You can move around, use a clean bathroom and get wonderful views of the landscape from the water as well as the cute little towns that it stops at. There are restaurants and cafes on board to dine in or buy a much needed coffee. We opted not to take a cabin and instead slept in the ‘deck space’ which was in the bar/lounge area. There were large lounges and lazy boy style chairs to sleep in which were comfortable. We thought we would be the only ones but there were quite a few couples and groups doing the same thing.

The self drive options would be the nicest choice, however it is quite a long drive. We visited in the winter and the roads were very snowy/icy. While I think this would be lovely in the summer, stopping off at little towns along the way I would prefer the boat in winter. If you do want to hire a car for this section we always use Rental Cars as they have a great booking system and we have used them before and had a great experience.

Day 6-10: Lofoten Islands road trip itinerary

Here is where I really suggest hiring a car! The Lofoten Islands are the perfect place to do a Norwegian road trip. You can spend these 5 days slowly poking along the one major road on the Lofoten islands, the E10. This road will take you almost everywhere, unless you hop off it to visit a village or pretty spot. You can check out our detailed Lofoten Islands Itinerary on this blog including where to stay and what to do.

Day 6: Svolvær to Henningsvær

(30 mins, 25km) Spend the morning walking Svolvær and enjoying the atmosphere of the biggest town in Lofoten. Check out the waterfront and get supplies for the trip. make sure to take a northern lights tour or kayaking tour from here!

Drive to Henningsvær and check out the town for the afternoon. Make sure to visit the cute waterfront as well as the unique football field on an island!

Accommodation in Henningsvær: Bryggeleilighet i Henningsvær– beautiful hotel great staff, on the water, very charming.

Day 7: Henningsvær to Ballstad

(1.5 hour, 70km) Head to Ballstad, on the way stop off at Hov Gard for a magical experience and Bostad to learn about the Norway Viking culture. Make sure to visit Hov Gard and go horse-riding! This was one of the most magical experiences in the Lofoten Islands. Check out our review of horse riding on Lofoten here.

Best accommodation in Ballstad: We would only recommend Hattvika Lodge in Ballstad! It is the most beautiful and welcoming place. Rooms are a modern rustic style and beautifully done with every convenience. This was one of the best places on our trip. Check out our Hattvika Lodge review.

Day 8: Ballstad and surrounds

Enjoy the cute little fishing village of Nusfjord, drive up to Unstad and check out the surfers as well as dropping in to Leknes for any supplies for the rest of your time. This is one of the bigger towns and has the last wine shop (the only stores in Norway where you can buy takeaway wine or spirits, only beer is available in supermarkets) in the area.

Day 9: Ballstad to Hamnøy

(1 hour, 60km) Head over to Hamnøy but on the way stop in at Flakstad and Nusfjord the cutest little village on Lofoten.

Best accommodation in Hamnøy: Eliassen Rorbuer! We can’t say enough about this gorgeous fully restored little fishermen’s cottage accommodation. It is perfect to stay in to visit the area, Reine is just over the bridge and Å is a short drive away.

Day 10: Hamnøy and surrounds

Visit the beautiful town of Reine as well as driving out to the last town on the Lofoten Islands, Å. This is the most historic town with loads to see.

Best accommodation in Reine: Reine Rorbuer – by Classic Norway Hotels – Lovely Rorbuer restored cosy fishermen’s cabins.

Is there an easier way?

This tour really highly recommended and well organised. Check it out here: Northern Norway Explorer.

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