Glass Igloo Rovaniemi – review of Artic Snow Hotel Finish Lapland

by Kelly

Does spending the night in a glass igloo in Finland sound dreamy? Let me tell you it is! We spent a couple of nights at the incredible Artic Snow Hotel and loved every minute. Find out what you need to know about spending the night in a glass igloo in Finland!

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Where is the Arctic Snow Hotel?

Located approximately 25km outside of Rovaniemi in Finland you will find Lake Lehtojärvi. The Arctic Snow Hotel sits right on its shore. It is the most tranquil and serene place, covered in snow making it just magical. The area is located in the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. Check out what you need to know to get there in our Arctic Snow Hotel review blog.

What is it like to spend the night in the Glass Igloo, Finland?

Checking in and taking a tour of the Artic Snow Hotel

I was so excited to stay the night in the glass igloos. We arrived and went to check in. Our first night we stayed in the Ice Hotel which is beautiful, check out our review of the amazing Ice Hotel experience!

When you arrive you will be checked in and shown around the hotel and area by a staff member. We loved our tour, the staff member was so helpful and made us feel so excited for our time at the Arctic Snow Hotel.

The Ice Hotel

We took a walk through the Ice Hotel which was just amazing. By staying in the glass igloos you have free entry to the Ice Hotel so you get to take a look. The whole hotel is created out of ice each year. There are 50 rooms which you can sleep in and each has a different design and theme. The ice carvings here are seriously good! The hotel actually host the International Ice Carving competition each year as well.

The Ice bar and chapel

It is quite easy to get lost in the Artic Snow Hotel Ice Hotel and we kept walking back up the same hallways! It really becomes a little rabbit warren of ice.

We came across the Ice Bar where you can buy drinks made in ice glasses, of course the tables and bar are also made of ice.

After this we discovered the Ice Chapel. Apparently there are many weddings here each year. What a unique and special wedding that would be!

Time to go to our glass igloo!

After collecting our keys we headed over to our glass igloo. They are all grouped together and at first we were concerned that it was too close, however once we entered we realised that you were always looking up and it really didn’t matter if there was others around you at all.

Glass igloos at Arctic Snow Hotel, Lapland Finland

The glass igloo was so cute! It became our own personal little bubble. The room itself was so well organised. The beds are super comfortable and electric so you could raise and lower them. They are also separate beds so that each person can raise and lower at their own comfort. The glass roof is 360° starting at about shoulder height which blocks out a lot of the other igloos. There is a mini fridge and coffee/tea set up, although we stored our drinks in the snow outside to get them really chilly!

The bathroom was excellent, the perfect set up for the space. There was a basin, flushing toilet and shower with a little rail to hang up wet bathers after the sauna! The shower was lovely and warm with enough room even though it was a small space.

Tips for staying in your glass igloo in Finland

The door has an alarm so that if it is left open for too long. This is so the temperature doesn’t drop inside the igloo. Make sure to shut it carefully.

The temperature is controlled for all the igloos. It is set at a really comfortable temperature and we never had any problem with it. If you do want to change the temperature then you need to call the front desk.

There are 3 restaurants onsite and you can book into dine at them. The food is incredible and service is excellent. There is also snacks available in the check in area. Breakfast is included in the room prices and it is such a great buffet, as a coeliac I was also really well catered for!

Set the Aurora Borealis alarm! The glass igloos all have an alarm that you can flick on to be alerted if the northern lights are visible. This is actually the best feature as you don’t have to stay awake all night worried you will miss them!

Glass igloos northern lights

We set the alarm for the aurora and it came out! During the middle of the night the alarm went off and we woke up to watch the aurora. What a magical moment, just a tip though, make sure not to turn on your lights as it will limit the ability to see the northern lights as well as disrupting others views.

The next morning

We really loved spending the night in our beautiful glass igloo. In the morning we wandered over to the Log Restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast was incredible. It was a full buffet with everything you can imagine. All the food was really fresh and the staff were wonderful. Being coeliac I asked what was safe for me to eat. I was given a full tour and then brought out hot gluten free rolls and gluten free cinnamon donuts! I was in heaven.

What to do at the Snow Hotel

There are lots of activities and tours that can be booked and paid for at the front desk. There are free activities such as a tobogganing hill and ice sledding. If you are there during the Arctic Art Festival you will see some fantastic activities such as ice sculpting. There are reindeer onsite that roam freely around a large enclosure! They are so cute watching them really makes for a special experience. You can use the sauna if you are an overnight guest or book in for a private snow sauna which is an incredible. Read about our private sauna experience here, a must in Finland!

Glass Igloo Finland Price

The prices of staying in the glass igloos in Finland at Arctic Snow Hotel are quite reasonable when compared with other options. Considering you also have access to walk through the SnowHotel and the saunas it’s a good deal. You can check out the pricing for the Arctic Snow Hotel here.

Are the glass igloos in Finland at Arctic Snow Hotel worth it?

Yes 100%! We absolutely loved our stay at the Arctic Snow Hotel. It is the most unique and memorable experience we have ever had. If you are looking for the ultimate Arctic stay, full of ice, snow and magical moments then the Arctic Snow Hotel is your perfect destination accommodation!

If you just want to visit but not stay the night this is a great tour to the Snow Hotel and includes dinner in the Ice Restaurant!

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