Travelling in Norway Tips

by Kelly

Travelling in Norway tips to help you have the most wonderful trip! We loved our time in Norway but there were a few things that would have been helpful to be aware of. This will tell you what you need to know before you go to Norway.

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Norway is quite safe

Norway is safe, I am not saying crime doesn’t happen here but we felt so incredibly safe travelling around Norway. Even on my own I was never concerned in the slightest which is unusual for me. It has one of the lowest crime rates.

Norway has very strict alcohol laws

The minimum drinking age in Norway is 18 years for beer and 20 years for spirits. While beer can be found in most supermarkets (sold before 8 pm on weekdays or 6 pm Saturdays) wine, spirits are only sold in ‘wine shops’ called Vinmonopolets. They are usually only found in larger towns and cities. Alcohol is also quite expensive in Norway.

We didn’t realise this and were looking for a bottle of wine to have with our dinner, sadly the last wine shop on the Lofoten islands is in Leknes which was too far to go back to. You can not drink and drive, the limit is so close to 0 it is just best to not risk it at all. It makes sense really the roads can be small and windy, covered with snow and ice.

The hiking is wonderful but be prepared!

There is some amazing hiking to be done in Norway, especially in Lofoten but make sure you are prepared. Bring proper hiking boots, take snacks and water, make sure to have a phone on you as well. Don’t hike in winter or when the land is icy and snowy as it is too risky. If you are not experienced then go with a tour or talk to the locals to find out if it is a safe time of year to hike.

You will pay for bottles

There is a bottle tax when buying any type of plastic or glass bottles and cans. You can keep them and return them to exchange for either cash (NOK) or a voucher for money off purchases. We returned some drink bottles to a supermarket, they had an automatic system where you feed in the bottle and it adds up the total, giving you a receipt/voucher. Then you take that in to the supermarket and hand it over to get that amount off your groceries.

The weather changes regularly

We experienced weather changes everyday. It would start out perfectly, then rain, snow and at one point hail before clearing up to a perfect day. Wearing layers is the best thing you can do.

Tap water is safe to drink

The tap water in Norway is safe and clean to drink. We had our refillable bottles and just filled them up everywhere, it is great not having to buy plastic bottles and way more sustainable.

Public transport is tricky

Public transport is doable but tricky. We had trouble finding the right buses and there wasn’t a lot of signage. You can definitely get around with public transport, but Norway makes for an excellent road trip. There are also lots of places to camp so you can take an RV.

Norway is expensive (but SO worth it!)

Norway is expensive, accommodation and food really add up, but it is worth it! IT is a wonderful county and so worth visiting, Planning your trip in advance will be best. Book accommodation early as it will book out and get more expensive. Travel in the low or shoulder season as prices will be cheaper then.

Is there an easier way?

These tours are really highly recommended and well organised. Check out: 7 day Magic Lapland Adventure, Northern Lights Exploration – 8 days, Aurora Borealis & Glass Igloo, Land of the Northern Lights – 5 days, Northern Norway Explorer.

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