Gluten free in Norway

by Kelly

Gluten free is so easy in Norway! Did you know that Norway is very gluten free friendly? Norwegians are very aware of coeliac disease, you will be catered for well here!

I will continue to add to this list as I return to Norway, it is such a wonderful country I can’t wait to explore more.

When visiting a new country I always make sure to firstly get my translations ready. While most people in Norway speak and understand English it is always helpful to have the translations at hand in case your accent does make it difficult to understand. I often find my Australian accent throws off my pronunciation. If I have the translation screenshotted ready I can show it if needed.

Gluten free in Tromso:

Tromso has some great gluten free options. These were my favourites:

Raketten Bar & Pølse – this is my favourite spot in Tromso. It has the best gluten free hot dogs and they take it very seriously, heating the bun separately and carefully. You will find the hot dog stall in the middle of town, playing cool 1920s music! Founded in 1922 it has been there for 100 years after being opened by 18 year old Margit Løkke. So you get to visit a historical location and get a great hot dog! Try the reindeer hot dog!

If you stay at the beautiful Clarion Collection Hotel With they include breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner which is a deal that can’t be beat, food is expensive in Norway. They provide excellent gluten free options and the staff are very knowledgeable. Food can be expensive in Norway so having these meals covered is a major bonus!

Burgr – this burger place has gluten free buns and is really good

Restaurant Egon – excellent food and great gluten free options

Casa Inferno – excellent gluten free pizza

Best supermarkets for gluten free in Tromso:

The best supermarket in town is the EUROSPAR Storgata. We loved their salad bar and had a fresh salad for lunch each day. They are great for gluten free, carrying lots of gluten free staples to both cook with and also gluten free snacks to carry with you.

Coop Prix Kystens Hus is another supermarket closer in town but it does not have as many gluten free options. There is fresh fruit and veg available.

Gluten free in Lofoten Islands:

Grinta Lofoten – excellent gluten free pizza options

Gamle Skola Cafe Lofoten –

Restaurant Feskarheimen – gluten free pastry

Grinta Lofoten – best gluten free pizza

Fiskekrogen Henningsvær – excellent gluten free options

Brygga Restaurant & Bar – great gluten free bread and pizza

Maren Anna – great restaurant with excellent quality food and gluten free available

Best supermarkets for gluten free in Lofoten:

The best supermarkets for gluten free options that I found in Lofoten are:

Svolvær: REMA 1000 SVOLVÆR

Hamnøy: Coop Prix Reine

Ramberg: Bunnpris Ramberg

Leknes: There ar a few good ones in Leknes, REMA 1000 LEKNES, Extra Leknes, Coop Prix Leknes

Is there an easier way?

These tours are really highly recommended and well organised. Check out: 7 day Magic Lapland Adventure, Northern Lights Exploration – 8 days, Aurora Borealis & Glass Igloo, Land of the Northern Lights – 5 days, Northern Norway Explorer.

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