What to do in Reine, Lofoten

by Kelly

Reine in Lofoten is such a beautiful place to visit and well worth spending some time. This blog will make sure you don’t miss out on any thing in the area.

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Reine is one of the most picturesque villages on Lofoten. The views of the town are used widely in advertising for Norway and Lofoten.

Where to stay for Reine

Best accommodation for Reine is in Hamnøy at Eliassen Rorbuer! We can’t say enough about this gorgeous fully restored little fishermen’s cottage accommodation. It is perfect to stay in to visit the area, Reine is just over the bridge.

You can stay right in Reine at Reine Rorbuer – by Classic Norway Hotels which is also very pretty rorbuers however the town is small and can be crowded if it is busy, we preferred to stay only about 5 minutes out of Reine at Eliassen Rorbuer!

What to do in Reine, Lofoten

There is a lot to do in and around Reine. These are our favourite things:

Visit the town of Reine

Take in the very pretty and charming views of the town. Wander the little streets and rorbuer. The rorbuer are very important to the Lofoten islands as they were shelter and a place to sleep for fishermen in the bitter winter cold. Now renovated they make the most delightful accommodation for modern travellers.


Go to Sakrisøy, the little island right near Reine and have a fish burger for lunch! You’ll find the best at Anita’s Café which also happens to be a very cute café. There are loads of delicious options as well as gourmet food gifts and treats to take with you.

Hamnøy Sauna

The Hamnøy sauna is lovely! Spend a couple of hours in the heat and diving into the freezing cold water or snow! It is a Nordic tradition and while it seems like it might be uncomfortable it is really a great experience and one that shouldn’t be missed. You can book the Hamnøy Sauna here.

Hikes around Reine

Hiking in Lofoten is a very popular pastime, always take care when hiking and be well prepared. Bring food, water, wear proper hiking shoes and clothing. Make sure to bring a camera and phone!

Reinebringen hike is one of the most famous in Lofoten. The views from the top are incredible and some of the most photographed. The hike follows the new sherpa stairs that were built to try and make this steep hike safer. You will get to the end of the stairs where the best views are and can carry on or stop here. The hike does get a little harder from here. The hike is quite popular and will usually be busy.

Bunes Beach hike is another popular hike in the area. First you catch the ferry over to Vinstad to begin. Then you hike through the landscape and up the hill to the beach. It is also really popular as Bunes Beach is known as one of the most beautiful.

Reinefjord ferry

The ferry from Reine takes you around the harbour and fjord which is a wonderful and relaxing way to see the area from the water. You can take it as a round trip or hop off at one of the three stops:

  • Rostad 
  • Kjerkfjorden/ Kirkefjord 
  • Vinstad 

Find the information you need to go at the official website here.

Find all the photo spots of Reine and surrounds

The most iconic Reine photo spot is of the village itself. Sitting on the water you will see the mountain in the background making a perfect scene. Another very famous photo spot is of Eliassen Rorbuer. You will find it at the east end of the Hamnoy bridge. Please make sure to park and walk to the spot as many people cause traffic disturbance by trying to stop on the bridge. Finally head to cute little Sakrisøy, walk on to the bridge here for the pretty view of the yellow rorbuer over the water. This is a great tour for photography.

Visit Å

Å is the last town on the E10 road that runs throughout Lofoten. It only takes 15 minutes to drive there and is well worth it to see the town which has become a museum. There is a lot to see here so make sure to leava couple of hours…and stop into the excellent bakery there too.

Kayak on the fjord

Kayaking is a popular activity in Lofoten, the views from the water are spectacular. These are the best kayaking tours:

Private Kayak & Hike To Bunes Beach – a spectacular whole day trip that combines kayaking across the Reinefjorden with a hiking trip to the Bunes beach.

3 Hour Kayak Tour in Reinefjorden – great for beginner kayaking, paddle around nearby islands and fishing villages (Reine, Sakrisøy, Hamnøy) or inside the Reinefjorden.

Is there an easier way?

This tour is really highly recommended and well organised. Check out: Northern Norway Explorer.

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