The ultimate beer experience in Salzburg, Augustiner Bräu Mülln!

by Kelly

We stumbled across a secret in Salzburg…maybe not a secret but it isn’t really advertised and we did have to search to find it. Let me ask you 2 things…do you love beer? Do you love a good time? Yes? Then you will love this ultimate beer experience in Salzburg!

Welcome to the Augustiner Bräu Mülln. It is a beer hall which is located in a monastery. Yes you read that right. Beer brewed by monks. Can it get any better you ask? Yes it can and it does!

The history

This beer hall was founded in 1621, this is when the Augustinian monks were given permission to establish a brewery. In 1877 Prior Modlhammer begins promoting it as braustabl (beer paradise). As the years go by there are developments such as the addition of 5 beer halls and a beer garden. The same brewing equipment was used for 100 years before being updated. The brewery is still located in the monastery and it is still run by the monks. You can even buy takeaway beers and their beer is now exported and sold in stores. You can read all about the history on their website here.

Beer in the beer hall in Salzburg

The location

You can enter two ways, there is an entry through the beer garden and also from a side street. The beer garden is pretty self explanatory, you will see people sitting drinking and follow them up the stairs in the centre and you will end up in the halls. This is location 1 on the map below and it is where ubers will drop you.

The side entrance is a little more hidden. Up a cobblestone path you will see big wooden doors and a small sign hanging up with the yellow logo (location 2 on the map below). When you open them you will find your self in a basic room where there is nothing that would indicate you are in the right place. Just walk along the corridor and down some stairs, open the next set of wooden doors and you will enter in to the eating hall.

map of the beer hall entrances

The ultimate beer experience

From entering off the cobblestone path to finding the actual beer hall is an experience in itself. It seems as though it is only for locals or the truly curious as there is no indication that you are in the right place, but really this adds to the mystery.

Once you walk in to the ‘Schmankerlgang’ (delicatesse arcade) you will realise you are in the right place. Take a walk along and get excited as there are market stalls for everything you could want to eat. Breads, fish, cheese, meats, potatoes, salads, sweets. We decided on some pork knuckle and potatoes, it was a flavour sensation. Seriously the best cooked pork knuckle we have tried. You will purchase it by the 100g servings, we basically had it for dinner and got 300g to share. This was a lot, but we had to make the most of it as we were only there for 2 days.

Happy Mike with beer and pork knuckle

There are 5 main beer halls and a beer garden. We tried them all. Some of the beer halls are quiet and a little more modern as they are more recent additions. The best ones are 1-3 as they have the most character. They are always almost full but you can generally find a spare seat here or there. There are long tables in the middle where you can ask to join other groups. Tables can be reserved so make sure to look out for the signs. The beer garden is gigantic. There are so many big round tables out there to choose from. Again you can join other groups or find one to your self. It is a really nice way to spend some hours siting out under the trees and listening to the chatter and banter around you. There may also be a musician out there at times.

This is definitely a locals hang out. They seem to come each week (or day!) at the same time and it is always boisterous. We spent so much time here just lapping up the culture of the city…and Mike lapped up a few beers as well!

How to order a beer

This may seem like a simple thing but you need to understand what to do. The central hall area is where the beer is poured. You will find all the beer mugs on shelves on the wall. They are big traditional steins in 500ml or 1L sizes. Take your pick and wash it under the cold water fountain in the centre of the room. This freshens the stein from any dust and helps to cool it for the beer.

Next line up at the cashier. Tell her or show her the beer stein you chose and she will charge you accordingly. Take your receipt and mug over to the two men who are filling beer from the wooden kegs and get your fill!

Go find your spot in one of the beer halls and enjoy your food and drink with the locals.

The beer halls

There are 5 beer halls and our favourites are the first 3 and the beer garden. The garden is a lovely place to chill out, it was cold and sunny and this was the perfect place to relax! When the weather got too chilly and even started sprinkling we decided to move inside, I think we have tried out most of the rooms and they are all beautiful. I loved the historical aspect of them. This is part of what makes this the ultimate beer experience in Salzburg, there are so many ways to enjoy it! You can choose to sit under the leafy skies or surrounded by the traditions of the past. Either way you will love it!

The food

There are a ton of options in the ‘Schmankerlgang’ (delicatesse arcade), there is absolutely something for everyone. I am a coeliac and was able to eat so really any one can! I was so excited to see that there were GF markings on this menu so I knew what I could try!

We had an absolute ball at the beer house! It is truly the ultimate beer experience in Salzburg, I can’t wait to return and visit again!

Opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 3pm to 11pm
SA, SU & Holidays: 2.30pm to 11pm

Monday – Friday: 7am to 10pm
SA, SU & Holidays: 2pm to 10pm

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