Best things to do in Split Croatia

by Kelly

Split is a really beautiful town that seems to often get bypassed on the way to Dubrovnik or an island. We spent 3 days here seeking out all the best things to do in Split, Croatia so you don’t miss anything!

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How to get to Split

We flew into the airport in Zadar and caught an uber to the bus station then a bus to Split. It was only a few hours and very comfortable. The bus company we used was called FlixBus and we had no problems using them. They were on time to pick up but we did run a little late on some occasions which was our only problem. They were easy to book, we used the app.

You can also fly into Split directly which is a much easier commute to and from the airport. We flew out of the Split airport and there is an easy to use airport bus that you book at their terminal just across from the port.

Where to stay in Split

There is a huge range of accommodation in Split, you can stay inside the old area which would be really lovely. We stayed at two different hotels in Split. One was to the side of the main area and a very easy walk in. It was in an old building which had a 3 story walk up staircase, called Peric Rooms and the man that runs it was very nice. Providing everything we needed, wifi, good location, clean shared bathroom which was stocked with all the necessities. The room was spacious and very clean with great air-conditioning.

The second place we stayed was at Apartments Ivica Split, This was to the left of the harbour and a very quick 2 minute walk into the main area. The room was very clean and comfortable with a private bathroom as well. The family that run it are just lovely and very welcoming. The wifi and air conditioning worked well. It is very reasonably priced and we really recommend it.

Best things to do in Split Croatia

Split is so much more than a transit location, it really has something for every one.

The marina

There is a huge marina area for drinks and dinner by the water. It is where you will catch boats to the islands and go on boat tours. It runs along the front of the town and is always buzzing with people. Just across from the marina is a strip of shops, money changers and travel booking agents. They have some cafes and bars there and a public toilet (you need to pay).

The old town

The old town area is stunning. It was my first experience with this type of town and I loved it! The feeling of walking amongst so much history is incredible. It is really quiet early in the morning and as the day goes on it begins buzzing with energy. We did encounter a lot of tour groups but there are pockets where you can find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy.

There are so many locations of historic significance in this area you should really take your time and enjoy wandering the twisting laneways to discover the history of the town. It amazes me to think that those cobblestones have been walked by people for hundreds of years, you can see why they are slippery smooth.

The food

The food in Split is great! There are loads of great bakeries which Mike loved. The croissants and burek (fila pastry stuffed with cheese, meats and vegetables) were his favourite! For the gluten free people out there I found the BEST all gluten free shop. It is SALT Gluten free, they have quick grab snacks available through out the day and an amazing GF pizza which I will miss forever. One of the best I will ever have! I bought mine and sat in the park just to the side of it to enjoy. It was always busy and really popular.

The Gregory of Nin statue

To the back of the Diocletian’s Palace there is a large statue of Gregory of Nin who was a bishop in the medieval Croatian capital of Nin. We saw that his big toe was polished as there is a superstition that rubbing it brings luck. He is an important person in the history of Croatia and this statue was created in 1929.

The Diocletian’s Palace

This is the biggest tourist attraction in Split, it really is the old town area and you can walk through it for free or pay to go in to the old buildings and look around. We did go through one part of the underground cellar area and it was really interesting. The cellar halls were the entrance to the palace via waterway. Now, the substructures present a significant and the largest preserved ancient complex of the underground vaulted premises in the world. You can buy your entrance ticket through Get Your Guide, we use them and love how easy it makes organising our days activities!

You can also book tours of the Diocletian’s Palace with them as well which are perfect to learn about the history as well as access the historic buildings.

Happy hour at the peristyle, the imperial square in the old town

Every afternoon we walked to the square in the middle of the old town and sat along the side to watch the performers that would busk there. The restaurant serves food and drinks and if you are a paying customer they will give you cushions and a little table to use. We just sat and enjoyed the scene. The buskers were usually musicians and very good and it had such great chilled out vibes, definitely worth some time.

Sitting at either end of the imperial square (peristyle) is free however if you want to sit on cushions, have a table and order drinks and snacks sit on the sides. The restaurant is called Lvxor cafe and restaurant and is really highly rated and they also have inside seating for meals.

Day trip to Kliss Fortress

Ok we didn’t go to Kliss fortress due to time but people rave about it and if you are a Game of Thrones fan apparently it is a MUST! We are planning to go there next trip to Croatia. It is possible to drive yourself there if you have a car or get there by public bus we were told the bus costs about 12kuna each way and takes about half an hour at the most. It costs approximately 60 kuna for entry to the fortress.

Krka Waterfalls

These famous waterfalls are stunning and the easiest way (if you don’t have a car) is to take a tour. This one includes a food and wine tasting, what’s not to love?!

Day trip to 5 islands, or a side trip to Hvar

There are some really beautiful islands near Split, we went to Hvar and have the others on our must visit next trip list! You can choose to visit them independently or if you don’t have time then you can take a tour like this one that stops at 5 of them and includes the blue cave.

We loved our side trip to Hvar, you can read all about it on our blog here.


The Vestíbulo is the first section of the imperial corridor in Diocletian’s Palace that led from the formal entrance to the imperial apartments. It really is a stunning location. The sky passes over the circular roof and lights the whole area up. If you are lucky you will catch the group of singers that come and perform there every hour or so. They are buskers who sing traditional Croatian songs and it echoes all around the circular space. They are incredible and it was such a highlight to listen to them.

Marjan Hill

You can walk up the hills behind the Dicoleans Palace and hike up Marjan Hill. Entry is free to walk up there yourself. The views are beautiful and it is a pleasant walk. The first stop has a cafe and nice viewpoint afterwhich you can continue up higher if you wish. We were happy to stay at the viewpoint getting some pictures and enjoying the scene.

We plan to return to Split soon as we really enjoyed our time. It is definitely a lovely stop for 3 or more days if you want time to enjoy it properly. We did spend 3 days in Hvar as well which was really beautiful! If you are heading to Dubrovnik check out our guides to help plan your time there.

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