Best things to do in Hvar, Croatia

by Kelly

Hvar Island is the most perfect little place that has lodged itself firmly into our hearts! To think we really weren’t sure if we wanted to go! We absolutely fell in love with it and know you will too! Read on to find out why you should go and what the best things to do in Hvar Croatia are!

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How to get to Hvar

Hvar is an easy boat trip from Split, it takes between 3 hours and 50 minutes depending on which boat you book. We took the quickest 50 minute trip and it was super easy! We booked online with Get by Ferry and it was easy and simple! You can also get to Hvar by boat from Dubrovnik but it is a much longer trip.

How many days for Hvar

We planned for 3 days in Hvar but honestly wished we had planned for a week. Hvar Island is the sweetest place, I had heard that it was a party island and there are a lot of bars but like every place it is what you are looking for. We weren’t looking for a party and got to experience the truly lovely side of Hvar. If you are looking for a slow, sweet stop to relax and enjoy then book for 4 or 5 days. There are lots of little towns to explore.

What time of the year is best for Hvar

The best time to visit Hvar and Croatia is between July and August. We visited in May and it was perfect. It was bustling with people and the weather was perfect with hot calm days.

Where to stay in Hvar

There are tons of options in every price bracket but we stayed in Hvar Town at Hortenzia Apartments and LOVED it! It is located in the old part of town but super close to the main square and marina. It is extremely well equipped with a kitchenette, little breakfast bar area and nicely renovated bathroom. The view out of our windows looked out to the pretty view over the terracotta rooves of Hvar Town across to the fortress. We booked the studio apartment room and absolutely recommend it!

You can also stay in the other towns but we found it easiest to visit these areas and stay in Hvar town.

How to get around on Hvar

If you can hire a car it is the best way to get around. You will have the freedom to explore all the little beaches and towns around the island at your own pace.

If not then you can do what we did and take the bus. Our timetable really only allowed for us to get to one town and we chose Stari Grad as it is the oldest in Hvar. The bus goes from the end of the little supermarket area and is really simple and comfortable. You buy tickets from the driver and will find a timetable in the bus shelter.

Supermarket in Hvar Town where you will find the bus shelter

Best things to do in Hvar Croatia

These are all the best things to do in Hvar! We loved our time here and thoroughly recommend spending time here.

Hvar Town

There is a pretty square and harbour right in the centre of the town. There are tons of bars and cafes to sit and watch the sunset at, the fun vibe starts as the sun begins to lower.

Bars and restaurants in Hvar
Mega Yachts at Hvar

Beach bars

There are so many beach bars in Hvar Town. We didn’t go to them as they aren’t in our budget but they look amazing! We walked over to one and saw the stunning areas where you can sit and relax with drinks and food. Looking out over the beautiful expanse of water and were very tempted! If they are are in your price range I would definitely check out a couple. The ones I most wanted to check out were Beach Club Hvar and Calma Beach bar . Both look stunning and sound like the perfect way to spend a day relaxing in Hvar.

Views from a Beach Bar Hvar

Franciscan Monastery

This little church is just along the waterfront, an easy walk from the harbour. You are able to sit under the trees outside and go in to look around the church area. There is a paid entry area as well if you want to look further. There is a request for a dress code covering shoulders and knees which should be kept in mind when visiting the paid section. I was told it was fine to be in a singlet in the outer area.

Boat trips

There are some great boat trips you can take from Hvar. We really wanted to hire a small boat and explore the Paklinski Islands, this is high on my list to do when we return! To make it easier, particularly if you are not skilled in boating or want to relax you can book a tour. The ones I have linked below are highly rated and Get Your Guide is always easy to use. They make for an excellent day out and are well worth it. Some are expensive but can be split amongst groups if you are travelling with friends.

Stari Grad

Take the bus (or car if you have hired one!) over to Stari Grad and explore this beautiful town. The oldest town in Hvar it is full of cobblestone paths and pretty buildings. There are some great cafes and ice cream shops here too. The harbour is beautiful and I would really have loved to stay here a night or two.

Exploring old Stari Grad

Stari Grad Plain

On the bus to Stari Grad you will see Stari Grad plain. This is an agricultural area set up by the ancient Greek colonists in the 4th century BC remaining in use today. It is interesting to see and you can walk out there from Stari Grad if you want to.

Bus to Stari Grad on Hvar

Fortress of Petar Hektorović

The Fortress of Petar Hektorović is right in the centre of Stari Grad. There is a cost to get in as with most attractions in Croatia. The gardens look beautiful but we didn’t have time to go inside on our trip.

Stari Grad Waterfront

The waterfront in Stari Grad is really pretty. It is full of restaurants and cafes to stop and relax at as well.

Hvar Stari Grad Waterfront

Fortica Fortress

You can walk up to the fortress behind the old town and either enjoy the walk and the outside of the fortress with stunning views or pay to go inside and see the fortress itself. The entry is about 60 kuna at the time we visited.

Explore the little villages of Hvar

You can hire a car and drive to all the little villages around the island. This is something I really want to do on our next visit. The bus system is pretty good but you can’t get to more than one or two places per day and we had run out of time to do them all. There is also a lavender fields if you are lucky enough to be there when they bloom.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The cathedral is in the centre of Hvar town and is easy to find. It stands tall over the square and is beautiful as the sun sets over it.

The beaches

One of the best things to do in Hvar is to visit the beaches. There are some stunning beaches that you can get to if you have a car, if not then the ones close to town are really lovely as well. The little beach in front of Franciscan Monastery is lovely.

Beach near the monastery Hvar

We loved our time in Hvar, it was one of the best places we visited in Croatia. Our favourite thing to do was to spend our days at the water, having sunset drinks and cooking up big pastas in our sweet little apartment, soaking up the pretty views! The best things to do in Hvar Croatia for us was just to relax, enjoy the sweetness of the town and soak up the pretty views!

If you are heading to Croatia check out our blogs on Dubrvonik and Split to help you plan!

Views from Hortenzia Apartments over the village of Hvar Town
Night views of Hvar

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