Our 10 most Instagrammable spots in Dubrovnik

by Kelly

Dubrovnik is very photogenic and it can be overwhelming when you go to make sure you don’t miss something. Here are our 10 most instagrammable spots in Dubrovnik. Make sure you visit to get ‘that’ pic! You will find all these locations in our Dubrovnik Google Map, check them out here.

1 – The path next to restaurant Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe

There is a cement barrier that runs along the front here and right next to this (very good but expensive) restaurant is a beautiful view of the Lovrijenac and Fort Bokar. You can also see the kayaks on the beach below which adds a little colour. This is one of the easiest picture spots!

2 – The lanes of the old town

The old town has some really beautiful laneways, you could seriously get lost in them. They wind all around the old town and the best time to wander them is early morning before everyone is up and about.

3 – The Large Onofrio’s Fountain, Church of St. Salvation and Franjevački Churcha and Monastery.

I have listed these all together as they are right near each other. You do have to pay for access to the Church and the Monastery but you can also just photograph the outsides if you want to.

4 – The Staircase at Banje Beach

This is a great spot just outside the old town. The views to the beach are stunning as are the views back to the old town.

5 – Vrata od Ploča

This is one of the gate entrance to the old town. You walk over a stone bridge to enter and there is a great view to it from the left hand side. The views are also beautiful from the gate itself.

6 – The viewpoint

You will see a spot on our google maps that is called the viewpoint. It really is the most beautiful place all tucked away and if you were not looking for it you probably wouldn’t see it. The views across the water to the old town are spectacular. We spent a bit of time here and were the only ones. The fence has been eroded and fallen off the cliff at the time we visited so make sure to be careful and not get too close to the edge!

The Viewpoint of Dubrovnik

7 – Plaža Danče / Danče Beach

This little beach area has 2 sections, one that is a bit busier and then this little spot. Perfect for a quick dip in straight off the rocks!

8 – The Gradac Park

Gradac Park is right near Dance beach. You will probably park right near to it. There are some pretty views from here and also from along the road that you walk or drive up. Be careful if you do park here and make sure to pay attention to the signage, we saw many people getting fined by a parking inspector.

9 – Lovrijenac Viewpoint

This is a pretty stop on the way up to Lovirjenac fort. The view is great and there is shade in the afternoon sun. This is a seriously instagrammable spot!

10 – Jesuit Stairs

Apparently something to do with Game of Thrones. We haven’t watched it but were told it is important in the series. So I have included them here. Honestly they were hard to photograph at the time we went due to the sun and to me they are just some nice stairs but let me know in the comments if you think we should watch GOT or not!

We really loved Croatia, if you want to check out our other Croatia travel Guides you will find them here- Best things to do Dubrovnik, Best things to do Split, Best things to do in Hvar!

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