Horse riding is a must do activity in the Lofoten Islands

by Kelly

My bucket list worthy horse ride in the Lofoten Islands!

We were looking for bucket list activities on the Lofoten Islands when I stumbled across horse riding. I was excited and nervous all at once! I immediately knew horse riding would be a must do activity in Lofoten Islands.

Why I chose to horse ride in the Lofoten Islands

I hadn’t ridden a horse since I was very young…it didn’t go well then. Yet I decided that this experience was too unique to pass up. I hesitantly booked a horse ride, letting them know I was very much a beginner!

Right from the start the staff instilled confidence in me! We pulled up to a picturesque stable. Icelandic horses running around with a big red building housing the stables and a restaurant with the ground covered in snow! It was stunning.

Arriving and meeting my horse for our ride

We were shown into a room where we were given our first instructions, a helmet, snowsuit, gloves. We watched a video on proper riding techniques, specific for Icelandic horses and how to approach them. Then it was time to ride!
I was introduced to my horse Ophelia. She was brown with a cute mane and very friendly. I patted her and felt calmer. I think she sensed I was a little unsure because she was very much the boss!

Before I knew it I was off! Up on horseback it took a minute to get my bearings. Soon enough I was comfortably directing her and enjoying the ride!

The ride

We meandered through the lands, covering little ridges, a beach and some higher land, all covered in snow! Some parts were deeper but the horses handled it like pros.
Crossing the beautiful landscape I was in awe of how incredible it was. Snowy peaks became snowy beaches, then off to an ancient Viking site to learn about their time as well. We were told a story about the site from Viking days which was so interesting. This really is a must do activity in the Lofoten Islands.

Eventually we headed back to the stables were we did a trot around the yard. The the ground was more compact and safer here for the horses.

Final thoughts on why horse riding is a must do activity in Lofoten Islands

I had been concerned that I would fall off, the horse would run away or I would accidentally hurt her. But I shouldn’t have worried! Everything was so well organised and the horses were very well cared for. Horse riding really is a must do activity in Lofoten Islands.

It was such a truly special experience and I wholeheartedly recommend it. A day that will stay with me forever.

Book your Lofoten horse riding experience! You wont regret it. It was my favourite experience of our time there. They also have cabins and accommodation options which looked amazing! You would be tucked away in your own little secluded cabin overlooking the beautiful beach, there is a restaurant onsite also.

Although we partnered with Hov Gard on this activity all opinions are our own, we thoroughly enjoyed this experience and already dream of coming back to ride in the summer although I think the snow really added to the experience!

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