Should I visit Lucerne or Interlaken?

by Kelly

We were recently asked if they should visit Lucerne or Interlaken? Honestly it really depends on what you want from your trip. Here we have decided to compare the two destinations so you can make the best decision for you!

This blog was in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism and Swiss Travel System. All opinions are our own, we are excited to show you this incredible country!

Where are Lucerne and Interlaken?

Lucerne and Interlaken are both in Switzerland, one of our favourite countries! They are only about 2 hours away from each other by train. You could see both easily or even as a day trip but really both destinations are so lovely if you can visit both I would. We used our Swiss Travel Passes to get around Switzerland easily. They were so convenient and useful, making our trip incredibly easy.

Why you should visit Lucerne

Lucerne is beautiful, the lake is serene and so big it seems endless. You can visit Mt Pilatus and Mt Titus from here. Lake Lucerne boat cruise is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. The city is very charming with historical aspects to explore. It is very walkable and you can easily spend a couple of days here relaxing and taking it all in. Lucerne is the perfect place to have an enchanting city stay full of history, pretty views and excellent food.

Why you should visit Interlaken

Interlaken is a beautiful place to appreciate the nature of Switzerland. While the town itself is much smaller than Lucerne it is also charming and cute. Interlaken is less about city exploring and more about exploring the outdoors. It makes a great base to visit places of natural beauty in Switzerland. From here you can visit Lake Thun, Lake Brienz Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Murren, Grimmelwald and the Jungfraujoch mountain region.

Would you visit Lucerne or Interlaken?

We really liked both! It will mostly depend on what you are looking for. A city escape, where everything is walkable and there are great restaurants. Basically it is quite an easy place to visit and enjoy!

If you want to visit many different locations, be immersed in the natural landscapes and possibly do some active experiences then Interlaken is the place for you!

Or you can do both…there are tons of tours available from Lucerne to the Interlaken area.

Which do you prefer? Does Lucerne or Interlaken sound like your dream Switzerland destination?

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