Champagne Tasting with Sabrage Experience in Reims

by Kelly

We found the best champagne tasting sabrage experience in Reims! Champagne tasting in Reims is a must. The hardest part is choosing which of the many champagne houses to visit. All the big champagne houses are there however we also wanted to find something local and traditional.

Pol Couronne Champagne House

Pol couronne is a local, family run champagne house. Whilst you can’t visit the winery as it is out of town, you can visit their tasting house. Located right in the centre of Reims it’s a lovely space with the most wonderful staff. The rooms are beautifully decorated with a rich navy, with bottles of the champagne decorating the walls.

The History of Pol Couronne Champagne

In 1862 Pol Auguste Couronne was born, in the Champagne area of France. By 1921 he was awarded the Knight’s Cross for agricultural merit in Paris. The Pol Couronne Champagne house upholds the values inherited from their ancestors: know-how, authenticity, humility, and excellence of a noble product. Utilising sustainable agriculture and certain principles of biodynamics, the land and vines are exceptionally cared for. Pol Couronne Champagne House believes:

“The diversity of champagne will owe its salvation to those who aim for excellence. Pol Couronne champagne represents a guarantee of quality for all lovers of fine bubbles. “

The sabrage experience at Pol Couronne Reims

A staff member greeted us, readily explaining the tasting procedure and asking if we would like to do a regular tasting or a sabrage experience. We looked at each other immediately deciding that we had to do the sabrage!

What is a sabrage you ask? It is a technique for opening a champagne bottle with a sabe. Generally it is used for ceremonial occasions.
As I am extremely clumsy we decided it should be Mike who actually took part, much less chance for something to go wrong!

With a few instructions we were out on the street ready to go. Mike was dressed in the protective apron, metal safety gloves and given the all important sabre.

With one quick movement he knocked the top off the champagne bottle without spilling a drop. What a professional!

Champagne Tasting at Pol Couronne Reims

Back inside to taste, what a treat! The bottle was an Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne. I love Blanc de Blancs and this was exceptionally good! If we weren’t leaving the next morning I would have taken a bottle to drink at our apartment.

We were able to drink the bottle Mike had opened between us. Our glasses were constantly refilled and we had a great chat with the staff member looking after us. We were told about the Champagne and the family owned winery. The staff interaction was delightful, very friendly and welcoming.
It was just the best champagne tasting sabrage experience in Reims! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone visiting Reims. It was a personal and charming visit, a far cry from larger houses where you are one of many.

The Brut Sabrage Experience is 49€ while tastings start at 27,50€ for 3 cuvées. The champagne is truly some of the best we have tasted and were very pleased we visited.

If you decide to take a tasting at Pol Couronne please say hello from Passport Nomads, we miss their delightful champagne and wish we could enjoy it in Australia. Check out our Reims blog to see what to do in this beautiful city.

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