What to do in Corfu?

by Kelly

There is lots to do in Corfu! It is a big island to explore, we only had a day here so stuck to the old town. This is how we filled a day in Corfu.

Where is Corfu and how to get there?

Corfu is in the Ionian island chain in the Greek Islands. It is at the top of this area right near the Albaina/Greek border. You can arrive by plane as there is an international airport on this island. Ferries also access the island from the mainland and other islands but do take longer.

Where to stay in Corfu?

As we were only there for a short time we stayed outside of the centre, closer to the airport but this was a big mistake. We should have stayed right in the old town. Unless you have a car hire then you will more easily be able to get around.

These are our recommendations for accommodation in Corfu, and where we would stay next time:

Budget: AtticStudioTheotoki, Midrange: Old Town Luxury Suites ‘Princess’, Luxe: CorfuCenterStudios1.

Best place to eat in Corfu?

There are tons of cafes and restauratnts. Mike tried a gyros from a place in the main street which was ok but the best food we had was a simple souvlaki from To Pikantiko. It is just a tiny little restaurant in the back streets but the family that run it are so lovely that we went back every day! The food is great, well priced and kind staff.

There is a little bakery called Rose’s Bakery which is delicious and even has some gluten free options!

History of Corfu

Corfu was an important island in Greece. It was under Italian, French, British and Byzantine rule and its culture and identity reflect this. Under Venetian rule two main fortresses were built and help to fortify the city against Ottoman attack. It was also during the Venetian rule that the stunning architecture of the city was created. Narrow laneways and tall buildings similar to Venice.

What to do in Corfu?

This is what we were able to do in one day in Corfu. We decided to spend the day in Old Corfu Town and see as much as we could.

Palaia Anaktora and its gardens

The Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George which once housed the King of Greece, and prior to that the British Governors of the island. A series of buildings set on beautiful gardens. It is now the Corfu Municipal Art Gallery showing mostly the works of 19th-century local artists.

Holocaust Memorial of Corfu

During WWII approximately 2000 Jewish people from Corfu were taken to concentration camps. Only just over 100 returned. This monument is dedicated to these families. It is located in a small square where the centre of the Jewish community of the island used to be before the war. The Jewish community of Corfu was the strongest in Greece before the war.


There are over thirty churches in Corfu, they are dotted throughout the Old Town and island.

Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress of Corfu)

Built as the original fortified city it was first mentioned around the 6th century AD. A well fortified city that stood many sieges by the Ottomans. The rest of the city of Corfu was destroyed and many people who were locked out of the fortress were taken as slaves or perished.

Spianada Square

A gorgeous garden near the Old Fortress. Beautifully manicured and a nice place to stroll, overlooking the water and Fortress.

Neo Frourio (New Fortress)

We didn’t go inside but went up to it. The new fortress is a large stone building and there is a tunnel to walk through to get there. Constructed between 1576 to 1645.

Walk the charming streets

Corfu has the sweetest streets, tall buildings and narrow lanes similar to Venice. You will find lovely buildings such as the town hall. There are great little shops selling everything from souvenirs, local crafts, handmade clothes and spices.

The bell tower of the Saint Spyridon Church

Patron Saint Spyridon is the patron saint of Corfu and the church was built in its current location in 1590. Its architecture is typical of the Venetian style within the town, its bell tower is the tallest point in the town.

Faliraki Corfu

This was my favourite place in Corfu Town. It is a small, relaxed swimming beach. Located just below the Old Town of Corfu with a few cafes & eateries. It is generally busy on sunny days and sitting on the rocks looking over the water is perfect. We took a picnic there and enjoyed it with a swiim.

Places on Corfu I will go to when I return are: the beaches around the island, the Paleokastritsa Monastery, Angelokastro Castle, the temples that are dotted around the island and the ghost town of Old Perithia.

There are loads of things to do in Corfu, check out Get Your Guide tours below. They are really well priced and have reviews so you can see what others thought of them! We have always been happy when using them ourselves.

Check out our Greek Island hopping itinerary to help with your planning. We also have tons of information on all the incredible Greek Islands we have visited! Let us know if you need any info or help in the comments!

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