What to do in Colmar, the cutest town in France!

by Kelly

As soon as I saw Colmar I knew I had to visit! It looked like the cutest little fairytale town. There is so much to do in Colmar and the surrounding towns, here is everything we did.

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Where is Colmar?

Colmar is the main town in the south of Alsace. Alsace is close to the border with Germany and is very accessible from both Germany and Switzerland.

How many days should I spend in Colmar?

This really depends. Many people will just visit Colmar on a day trip but I really think it is a lovely place to spend the night. There are also loads of cute little towns all around it that are very much worth a visit. I spend 2 days in the area but could have spend another 1 or 2 if I could to visit every town!

How to get around Colmar?

We caught the train from Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland to Colmar. Colmar is totally walkable and you don’t need transport to get around here. If you want to see the other little towns it is really worth hiring a car as the bus system won’t get you around in a timely enough fashion. We were lucky enough to have some good friends who live in Strasbourg. They were kind enough to come and show us around the area in their car.

What to do in Colmar, France?

This is our list of favourite spots in Colmar. I am also adding to the end the other little towns we visited there and what we saw. You can find info on the other towns at Tourism Alsace.

La Petite Venise (Little Venice)

There are canals that run through Colmar which you can walk along. They are very senic but there is a spot called little venice which is the prettiest place to stop. There is a little bridge that crosses the canal and the old houses that line it are cute!

Go to the covered market

The covered market has produce and it all looks delicious. Sadly we were there a little late and it was quiet but it gets really busy around lunch time. It is a great spot for lunch while in town!

Old Town

This area of Colmar is the oldest part and really is lovely. It is full of charming old buildings and the atmosphere is great. There are tons of cafes and bars to stop and sit to enjoy a drink and people watch.

House of Heads

This building has over 100 heads on it, it is now a restaurant and was built in 1609. It is a really unique building in Colmar.

Boat Trip

The boat trips are easily taken along the canals, they are really lovely scenic trips. You will be onboard with others but they weren’t over crowded and the guide gives great commentary about the town.

The Tanners District

This area is one of the oldest in Colmar. It has many old buildings that were used by tanning families to live and work. The colourful area is in the centre of Colmar old town and definitely a must see.

The Colmar History Route

The Colmar History route is easy to follow, just look for these little brass flags in the pavers to follow. It will take you all over Colmar and explain the history as you follow on. You can also pick up a map from the tourist centre.

Dominican Church

The Dominican Church is beautiful and ornate, you do have to pay a fee to go inside there will be a lady collecting at the entrance. It looks like a donation but it is a fee and you do need to pay. It was closed for construction when we were there but was still beautiful from the outside.

Eat at a patisserie

There are so many great patisseries in town, Mike stopped off for a croissant for breakfasts and snacks throughout the day!

We loved Colmar! It is the cutest place and definitely worth a visit. If you have any questions just leave a comment we are happy to help!

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