Visit Antiparos the tiny and quaint Greek Island

by Kelly

Antiparos is a very tiny and quaint little island right off the shore of Paros. You can actually take a little ferry over for a day trip or book one of many tours there from Paros. But if you want a little taste of a little Greek Island then Antiparos is for you.

How to get to Antiparos?

We took the ferry from Pounta in Paros to Antiparos. You can’t book ahead, just pay on the ferry. You can take card and scooters over which costs more.

The ferry boat tickets cost (each way) €2 per passenger, €2 per scooter and €7.30 per car. It isn’t expensive at all. You don’t really need a car or scooter unless you want to go further around the island. Pretty much everything is located a very short walk from the port.

How many days for Antiparos?

We spent two nights at Antiparos. This was more than enough for us to explore this little island. We wanted a place to stop, recharge and catch up on some work. If you want to soak up the peaceful nature of the island then you could do three of four days.

Is Antiparos expensive?

Yes. Antiparos is pretty tiny and it is a little more expensive than other islands. You can live cheap there, shop at the little stores and bakery. It’s not that its massively overpriced, it is just smaller so the cheap options aren’t there.

Where to stay on Antiparos?

We stayed just a little stroll from the main street at Nicolas Antiparos. It was really simple but had all we needed for a couple of days. It was really well priced and the balcony with the view over the water was what we loved.

How to get around on Antiparos?

People do bring their scooter or car over on the ferry but there is also a public transport bus system. Antiparos is so small you really don’t need a car.

What to do in tiny and quaint Antiparos?

Enjoy the village and the peaceful atmosphere

When I say it is tiny, I mean it has one main street where everything is really located. It is completely low key and I think that is the appeal. It feels local. There are restaurants and bakeries, gyros and gelato shops. Cute stores selling very aesthetic clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. Pat the sleepy cute cats and enjoy the atmosphere.

Paralia Sifneiko

You can walk to the other side of the island pretty easily. Paralia Sifneiko is located only 650m from the Chora (main village in Antiparos). This is a nice beach area and a great sunset spot. There is a cafe/bar for drinks and snacks and it gets a great vibe in the early evenings. There is a hike you can continue on to from here with signage for it.

La Luna

Antiparos is the tiny and quaint Greek Island but it has a unique nightlife! La Luna is the little disco that opens late at night and goes until the early morning. It will be the busiest place in town if you are looking for a going out scene. Stumbling out of La Luna and wandering the dusty lane back to town while the sun rises is somewhat of a tradition in Antiparos and something everyone should do at least once.

Antiparos Cave

Antiparos Cave is the only vertical caves in Europe and is located 8km from Chora. It costs 6 to enter but this also includes entry to the Folklore Museum. The cave is 85m underground and you will climb down and then back up 411 steps. It is recommended to bring a water bottle and good footwear as it does get humid.

Venetian Castle of Antiparos (Kastro)

The Kastro is in the centre of town, it is small and there are some crumbling remains. It is nice to walk through and read the history. Its construction dates to the mid-15th century (1440) and was built as a continuous structure with homes built internally. They were three story homes with staircases that led to an entrance. The external walls were the fortifying wall of the city.

The beaches

Antiparos may be tiny but it has some nice beaches. While we didn’t swim much here there are a few that are easy to walk to. Paralia Sifneiko, Paralia Psaraliki, Paralia Panagia are all walkable within half an hour. There is also a naturist beach at Spiaggia naturista libera a Nord di Antiparos


Of course the pretty churches typical of the Cyclades. You have to wander and appreciate the beauty of them around and in the Chora

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