Best things to do on Lefkada

by Kelly

Lefkada is awesome! Yes there are other tourists there, it is not off the beaten track but it is so good it really doesn’t matter. It really is one Greek Island that you have to go to, this is all the best things to do on Lefkada.

Where is Lefkada and getting there

Lefkada is located in the Ionian Islands in Greece. This is a cluster of islands running along the left side of the Greek mainland. It is easily reached as there is a bridge that connects the island to the mainland and one of the only ones to do so. We caught a bus from Athens which was really easy. You can also drive yourself if you hire a car.

Where to stay on Lefkada?

There are a few areas you can choose from. Nydri, Lefkada town, Nikiana or one of the beach areas.

We stayed in Nydri which was perfect! There is such a cool atmosphere there and loads of restaurants, cafes and a lovely main street to stroll. The waterfront is great and you can take boat tours from there.

We stayed at Athineon Hotel in Nydri. It was a little walk out of the centre but the hotel was clean and the staff were great.

How many days for Lefkada

I loved Lefkada so much I would have stayed 5 days happily. There are loads of beaches to explore as well as the towns and boat trips to take. We stayed for 3 nights and that was great but longer would be better.

Do you need a vehicle for Lefkada

Yes. If you want to visit the beaches on the island without using the bus system you will definitly need a vehicle. Preferably a car. The island is bigish and it is really mountainous. We only had a 50cc scooter and it really wasn’t enough to get around. We tried going to some beaches but the scooter couldn’t get up the mountain to get there. It was a bit disappointing, it would be best to rent a car.

What to do on Lefkada

For me Lefkada is all about the beaches. You will never see a blue like the water here. There are some famous ones but all of them are good. I recommend spending as much time as you can going to every beach there.

Egremni Beach

This beach is one of the best we have ever been to. It is the craziest colour of blue! So clear and just beautiful. I could spend a whole day at this beach. There aren’t any real facilities here so bring your lunch or snacks and water. It is pebbly so water shoes are recommended.

You can visit Egremni Beach by yourself, you will need a vehicle to get there. There is a big walk to get to the beach as you have to go down a lot of stairs along the cliff face.

Alternatively you can go on a boat tour which is what we did. There are so many places selling these tours and they are pretty much the same thing. Sitting on the boat sailing past the islands and watching the cliffs as we approach the beaches was magic. This is a great tour, which is on a cool wooden boat and includes lunch!

Boat cruises to islands

The boat cruises are a must do. You can do the huge 7 islands tour which takes to to more places for less time at each or the smaller ones that spend a little more time at three places. We chose the smaller tour but I could have happily done two of these trips.

Lefkada Waterfalls of Nydri

The Dimossari Waterfalls of Nidri are lovely. You can drive out there and it is an easy walk into them. You can walk there from town if you don’t have a vehicle it takes about 50 minutes, but it is a flat easy walk. There are some swimming spots under the falls if you want to take part. Walk down a little and you will find some more. There is a restaurant at the entrance to the waterfalls as well.

Lefkada Town

Lefkada town is nice to walk through. The old streets are pretty but there isn’t a whole lot here other than the usual restaurants etc. It was really quiet during the day, I would recommend visiting in the evening.

Agias Mavras Fort

Agias Mavras Fort isn’t overly interesting, I would rather spend my time on the beaches. There is a church here but not much else. The drive over the little bridge is fun but other than that I would only do this if you really are keen on forts.

Agios Nikitas

This was a great beach and has some nice cafes and restaurants along its main street. It is a really cute little town and one worth visiting. The beach is easy to access so it does get a little busy by lunch time. We stopped in to a great cafe on the beach front called captains corner, definitely a good spot for a drink.

Agios Nikitas, lefkada

Kathisma Beach

Kathisma Beach is one of the best beaches of Lefkada. We tried to go further along than this beach but our little scooter wouldn’t make it up the mountain. We decided to pull into Kathisma Beach instead and what a great decision that was. The water is again incredible and it was a little warm, a shock for any of the Greek Islands. We stayed swimming here for ages and really didn’t want to leave. There are loads of beach clubs, restaurants, parasailing along both the road and the beach itself. The beach is really long so you can also just find an empty patch and throw out your towel. The restaurants along the road have changerooms which I was allowed to use for free. Kathisma Beach is a must visit, I would spend a whole day beaching here.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is stunning. We visited it on the same boat trip as Egremni Beach and it was so perfect to visit both. It is almost completely bordered by sheer white cliffs. To access it is via a steep staircase if you aren’t going on a tour.

Agiofili Beach

Another beautiful beach! Lefkada is full of them, this one doesn’t have any facilities but is worth a visit.

The Lighthouse of Lefkada

The Lighthouse of Lefkada is located in Cape Ducato, which is the southernmost part of Lefkada. We saw it as we passed on our boat tour. It started operating in 1890, but stopped functioning during World War II, beginning again in 1945. Below it is great scuba diving, there are lobsters here but make sure to go with a guide as it can be rough. To get there by land can be difficult driving over a 16-km unpaved road. Once there you will see views across to Ithica.

Places we didn’t get to but will on our next visit!

Paralia Mikros Gialos,Red Desert and viewpoint, Sivota, Lefkas SE Viewpoint, a day trip to Ithica. Checkout this awesome tour to meteora from Lefkada! It is high on my must do list!

I loved Lefkada and highly recommend it. The beaches there are some of our all time favourites. Let me know if you have been to Lefkada or are planning a trip there! If you need any help just email or leave a comment we are happy to help. Check out our other Greek Island blogs below for more inspo and tips on travel there!

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