Best 10 day Greek Island hopping itinerary

by Kelly

This is the best 10 day Greek Island hopping itinerary! You will have the most incredible time, we did it and loved it! Check out our individual Greek Island blogs to find out the details of what to do on the islands! This is how we would spend 10 amazing days island hopping the Greek Islands!

Lets start our 10 day Greek Island hopping itinerary!

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3 days in Mykonos – Greek Island Itinerary

Mykonos is a beautiful island that is really centred around the little Chora village. It is the whitewashed Greek Island village you picture when you think of this gorgeous destination.

Day 1 and 2– explore Chora. Spend the day wandering the whitewashed streets, looking through the cute shops and buying some souvenirs, Head to the windmills for sunset and to Little Venice for lunch and dinner. You will want two days to soak up the charm of the Chora. It is really special and so tiny but so stunning. Little Venice is picturesque you have to soak up walking these streets.

Day 3Hire a vehicle (car or scooter) in Mykonos and drive out to the beautiful beaches around the island. Go to the beach bars at Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches. Make sure to drop into Psarou beach where you can walk through a designer village right on the beach and gaze at the bougie displays! There is a free part of the beach and a beach bar, this is a little quieter than Paradise beach.

Tips for Mykonos!

Book accommodation very early! It can get expensive in the Chora. This is the best place to stay to explore the cute whitewashed town. If you prefer to stay further out then we loved staying at Mykonos Azure. This was a little further out but the rooms are lovely, there are excellent views and you can walk to Psarou Beach. If you want to add in a boat trip you can also do a day trip out to Delos Island.

3 days in Naxos – Greek Island Itinerary

Naxos is one of our favourite islands. There is so much to do here, your three days will fill up quickly!

Day 4 – Explore the Chora. It is a charming little whitewashed village that is build around the old kastro. You will walk, winding your way around until you get to the top. This village also has the cheapest and most unique shops so if you are looking to buy that piece of jewellery then this is the spot for you. Head over to the Temple of Appollo for sunset and take in the views.

Day 5 – Head out to Agios Prokopios Beach. There is an easy bus out to the beach, it is only about a 20 minute drive. Spend the day relaxing on the beautiful beach and eating right on the water.

Day 6Hire a car and drive out to the centre of the island. There are historical sites to visit, mountain village towns and historic Byzantine churches. There are incredible hikes across the island. Make sure to visit the towns of Chalkio, Filoti, Apiranthos.

Tips for Naxos

Naxos is a bigger island so you need a car or scooter to get around. We loved it here! Staying at ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat Hotel & Suites was such a highlight. It really is something special and the perfect place to explore all of the island as it is central.

This is a very cool experience – a Half-Day Cooking Class at Basiliko Family Tavern. I think learning about the foods of the places you visit really brings you closer to the culture!

4 days in Paros – Greek Island Itinerary

Paros is a must visit Greek Island. It has everything you could hope for and honestly I could really spend a whole week just here taking it slow! This what you need to do in 4 days in Paros.

Day 7 – explore the Chora. This is another beautiful white washed village, there are churches, ancient buildings and museums to see. The centre square is full of cute cafes and restaurants you will fall in love with its charm.

Day 8 – 9 Drive up to Naousa, stay here for two nights. It is a charming fishing village. There are winding white streets, cafes, restaurants in every nook and cranny. This town is incredbley picturesque and the beaches in this area are the best! Make sure to visit Kolympethres Beach, Monastiri beach, Lageri Beach and Agioi Anargyroi Beach.

Day 10 – Drive out to the stunning little villages around of Paros. Lefkes is a must visit! We loved Kostos as well as the fishing villages of Aliki and Piso Livadi.

Tips for Paros

We stayed in Parikia (Chora) at Hotel Zannet and loved it. Check out our Paros Blog for all the info on this cute island! This really is somewhere you want to slow down and enjoy each part of it. If you want to add a day trip to Antiparos it is super easy from Paros. There is a ferry that connects them and it makes for a lovely day. Antiparos is a very quiet island and small enough to walk.

That’s it! You will really love these 10 days in the Greek Islands, there is no place like it! If you need any help with your planning feel free to leave a comment, I am happy to help. Check out our Greek Island blogs to see where else you could go!

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