Is Mykonos worth visiting in 2024?

by Kelly

Yes! Mykonos is still worth visiting in 2024. It oozes charm, quaint white washed streets and really is the Greek Island you imagine when you think about your perfect Greek Island trip.

Where is Mykonos?

Mykonos is easily reached from Athens by ferry or air as it has an International airport. It is 173km from Athens and the ferry can take between 2.5 hours and 4 hours depending on which boat you choose. We always use Ferry Hopper to book and compare ferries. They are easy to use and there is the option to have the tickets on your phone which is so convenient.

Where to stay in Mykonos?

We stayed two nights here. The first was in a little room in the Chora. We booked very last minute and it was really expensive for what it was. I don’t really recommend it. You’re best to book as early as possible especially in the high season of June -August. This is when it is busiest and prices are highest.

These are our picks of where to stay in Chora Mykonos:

Budget: Villa Varnali Small Boutique, La Maison Kalogera, Island Mykonos Suites, Sunset Paraportiani Rooms, Alana Mykonos,

Midrange: Yalos Hotel Sunset view Mykonos town private rooms, AK Mykonos,

Luxe: She Mykonos Boutique Hotel, The Lavish Apartment, Villa in Mykonos, Mykonos luxurious maisonette for 3 persons by MPS,

The second night we spent at Mykonos Azure. It is out of town and you would need a vehicle to reach it. We hired a scooter but it would have been easier with a car. We loved it here, it was really peaceful, the rooms were lovely and we could walk to the beach at Psarrou.

Check out this map which shows the accommodation on Mykonos, it is with, we almost exclusively book with them.

Is Mykonos expensive?

Essentially yes, Mykonos is one of the more expensive islands, along with Santorini. There are ways to make it affordable, check out our blog on How to visit Mykonos on a budget!

Why is Mykonos worth visiting in 2024?

Mykonos may be one of the busier islands but it is still worth visiting. It is the original white washed town that the Greek Islands became known for. This is why you should visit in 2024.

The Chora

The Mykonos Chora is the tiniest and cutest of all the Greek Islands. Get lost amongst the meandering streets that all look alike. Find all the little stores and marvel at the old churches. Find every beautiful bougainvillea and pat every cute cat. It is the Greek Island fantasy!

Little Venice

Yes it is busy but if you go early you can walk through before the crowds come to eat and enjoy sunset. This is where you will find the streets that end up with water lapping at your feet. It is a must do in Mykonos. There are some excellent walking tours that can show you the hidden gems of Mykonos town, this is the best!

Little Venice in Mykonos, must visit in 2024

The beaches

Leave the Chora behind and explore the beaches of Mykonos. There are some great beach clubs at Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. They are so aesthetic and beautiful, but expensive. Go for a drink and then hit the free beach! Psarrou Beach has a little beach club as well as a free beach where you can soak up the sun. Fokos Beach is a little further out but stunning!

Delos Island

Delos was a major cult centre between 900 BC and 100 AD, where the gods Dionysus and Leto were revered. The ancient Greeks considered it “the most sacred of all islands” and it is uninhabited and the whole surface is an archaeological site. Tips for visiting are to bring a picnic and drinks as there is only basic facilities there. Check out this excellent day trip on a sailing boat!

Windmills of Mykonos

The windmills of Mykonos are iconic. They are located to the left of the Chora and can get busy during sunset and the day. We went early in the morning and it was really lovely. Not too busy and the sun was just coming up. It is a spot that can get windy though!

Wineries and food!

Mykonos has great wine and a tour to go wine tasting and eating local foods is always a win, this was our favourite wine and food tour on Mykonos.

Mykonos is a great island to visit and really iconic of the Greek Islands. It is a busier island and can be more expensive depending on how you want to visit. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. Check out our Greek Islands Blogs to help you choose where to go!

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