Why you have to go to Paros in 2024!

by Kelly

Why you have to visit Paros in 2024! This is everything you need to know about Paros, the little Greek Island that stole our hearts. It really is a gem that out shone a lot of the other islands to make it in to our top three favourite Greek Islands. This is everything you need to know to visit Paros in 2024!

Where is Paros?

Paros is a Greek Island located almost in the centre of the Cyclades, about 170km from Athens. This is the group of Greek Islands closest to Athens and the island group that is most popular with tourists looking for a Greek Island holiday.

How do I get to Paros?

The Greek Islands are really easy to access. They are well connected by ferries and some have airports and you can fly in. The ferries are really easy to use and not too expensive. We used Ferry Hopper to book all our ferries in between the islands and we flew into Mykonos to start our trip as we found a great deal! There is no International airport in Paros, but can you fly there domestically from Athens or another Greek Island. As Paros is at the centre of the island chain you can almost reach it from any other island pretty quickly by ferry.

How long should I stay in Paros?

3 days is enough in Paros to fall in love with it! I would stay 5 to 7 days to really explore it properly or 2 weeks would be idyllic! It will depend if you are travelling with a time limit, are you island hopping multiple islands, or do you want to take it slow and really soak it up? If you have the time to spare and are looking for a place to spend extra days, add them on to Paros and you won’t regret it.

How to get around on Paros?

Paros has a great public transport bus system. It is very convenient and easy to use to reach the other towns on the island. If you are staying a little longer you will want the freedom of a scooter or car. We hired a scooter and it was the perfect way to get around Paros. It was so convenient to zip out to the other towns and get to places that were further outside the main towns and beaches. We hired our scooter from the best scooter rental on Paros, Paros Bike Rentals. The man that owns it is so helpful and friendly and the bikes are good.

TIP- The law has become stricter in Greece and you will need an International drivers licence to hire scooters and cars in Greece. To hire a scooter or bike over 50cc you need an actual motor bike licence. 50cc bikes do not have a lot of power and the Greek Islands are more mountainous than you imagine so a higher powered bike would be best and for that you need a motorbike licence. This is why renting a car can be easier as long as you have an International Drivers Licence.

Where to stay in Paros?

There are 3 popular places to stay in Paros. They are Naoussa, Parikia and Lefkes. We chose to stay in Parikia as it is right near the port. This made it easy to get to and from the island with our bags but also gave us a great selection of restaurants and scooter hire. The town itself is beautiful and we really loved staying there. Alternatively I would stay at Naoussa, more on that lovely town later!

We stayed at Hotel Zannet and loved it! I highly recommend getting a room that is upstairs on the front. They have great views over the water and are really reasonably priced. We stayed in Room 2 and it was the perfect spot for us. Just out of the main part of town but easily accessed by a walk along the waterfront it was quiet and peaceful.

What to do in Paros – why you have to visit Paros in 2024

Ok you’re convinced to give Paros a try? Great decision, I know you will love it! Here is everything you have to do in Paros. I will separate it by village so it is easier to follow.

What to do in Parikia, Paros

Parikia is the first town you will arrive in Paros if you come by ferry. Walking from the ferry to the town is simple, head forwards and you are in the centre of Parikia. We stayed at a little hotel just to the left of the port so headed straight there to drop off our bags.

There is the Archaeological Museum of Paros and archaeological sites such as The sanctuary of Delian Apollo and The sanctuary of Asclepius. There are numerous churches the most famous being the Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani known as the ‘Church of 100 Doors’.

Wandering Parikia is such a great way to spend a day. We got up early and walked through the quiet town as it was starting to wake up. It was so enchanting and serene. We got lost in the tangle of whitewashed alleys and lane ways and it was magical. We also walked through these same streets during the day to visit some of the little stores that were closed in the early morning. It was again super lovely and there was a little more of an upbeat vibe as there were other people walking around and enjoying it. It wasn’t overrun or busy, it was just as lovely as earlier, just add open stores and people enjoying the atmosphere!

Best beaches in Parikia

The beaches in Parikia are very calm, open beaches. The most popular is Livadia Beach which was right out front of our accommodation. It was sandy and nice to lie on to sun bake. There is also Paralia Parikia with sun loungers and beach bars to relax in. This area has more of a vibe and if you are looking for an easy beach day while staying in Parikia this is your spot. Please note these are not my favourite beaches in Paros, they are the ones in Parikia.

Where to eat in Parikia

Being coeliac I often opt to make my own food as it is usually safer and easier. (There is nothing worse than being sick on your holiday!) This involves checking out every supermarket in a town so I make sure I find all the gluten free options! The best supermarket in Parikia is Supermarket franchise which is a little further out of the main part of town but still walkable, It has a big selection, air conditioning and prices are good. There are smaller supermarkets along the front that are good for quick grab items if that is all you need, they are: ΚΡΗΤΙΚΟΣ Super market and Masoútēs.

Mike found a great gyros shop called Roussos Grill. The food is good and cheap. We ate there every day and watched countless deliveries going out, they are busy! We also called and got delivery from there to our accommodation on our last night and it was awesome. The best part was they had a gluten free gyros! I was so beyond excited and they were delicious!

What to do in Naoussa, Paros?

Naoussa is a charming fishing village, one of the nicest on Paros. You could easily stay here and spend a few days enjoying this area. There is the beautiful Kastelli Venetian Fortress that is crumbling in to the ocean and accessed by a path through the sea. You will more than likely be splashed while out there or walking out there but that is part of the fun. It is a gorgeous spot and you definitely have to visit. Then there is the Insta famous pink cafe, Linardo. Grab a snap outside with the gorgeous (fake) pink bougainvillea before walking around the corner and catching the view from the waters edge..

Walk the many little spellbinding streets and wonder at the charm, people say that Naoussa is like Mykonos was 20 years ago. If you have the chance to visit now I would before it gets overrun and the charm is lost!

Best places to eat in Naoussa

We didn’t stop for a meal but there are tons of cute cafes and restaurants. Mike grabbed a gyros from a place in town that he loved, Kapari Paros.

 naoussa best gyros

Best beaches in Naoussa

I think the best beaches in Paros are near Naoussa! Monastiri beach and Kolympethres Beach are both beautiful and worth driving out there. You will find Santa Maria beach out here and honestly I would spend a whole day beach hopping this area. They are all stunning although my favourite is Kolympethres Beach, I love the rock formations and the incredibly blue water.

What to do in Leftkes, Paros?

Lefkes is like walking in a dream. When you picture a little cute Greek Island village, this is it. It has such an old presence. As we walked around the sound of builders renovating soon to be hotels and air bnbs is enough to know it is about to explode with tourists! It really is somewhere to visit now before the quaint vibe is lost. The buildings are all slightly crumbly, there are old churches and bougainvillaea. Sweet locals still say hello as you pass and all you want to do is get lost in the maze of pretty buildings. There is a famous photo spot in front of a house, you will find so many beautiful photos spots here.

Best places to eat in Lefkes

There are plenty of options in Lefkes to choose from but Mike got a delicious pastry from the oldest bakery in Lefkes, opened in 1904 it is called Stratis Bakery. He highly recommends it!

Best beaches in Lefkes

Paralia Logaras, Kalogeros beach and Tsoukalia Beach are all lovely beaches that are close to Lefkes. Unfortunately as it is inland there are no beaches directly near it.

There are so many more places on Paros that are worth visiting. This island has so much to offer, we can’t wait to return and discover more. If you have any questions about Paros or the Greek Islands feel free to ask, we are happy to help! Check out my blog comparing if Paros is nicer than Mykonos to find out what we really thing about these Greek Islands!

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