Why I love Firopotamos Beach, Milos

by Kelly

Firopotamos Beach is my favourite place on Milos, it has a little bit of everything that I love about Greek Islands and they combine together to create the most beautiful place. Let me tell you why.

Where is Firopotamos Beach?

Located on the Greek Island of Milos it is in the north of the island. It is not a large beach but that is part of its charm. To get there you can use public transport, there is a pretty good bus system or a taxi. You can also even walk, we saw so many people walking across the island. It would take approximately 30 minutes to walk from Plaka depending on your fitness level. Do keep in mind that there are many hills in Milos and they may be difficult to walk in the heat.

We rented a scooter from Apollonas Sunshine Rent a Moto. Check out our blog on how to rent a vehicle in Greece for all the info you need to know as the laws have changed recently and you will need to be prepared. We only rented a 50CC scooter as it was the highest power we were allowed. It was not strong enough to get up and down the hills on Milos with two people on it. I would get a car or a higher powered scooter next time if we can. I was told that you should book early to secure a car as they sell out before high season.

I would hire a car if you would like to be able to get around in comfort, it gets really hot in the middle of summer here! The air-conditioning is worth it alone! We always book our cars through Rental Cars online as they have a great range and are easy to use. Cars book out early so make sure to do this as soon as possible especially if you want an automatic.

Alternatively you can take a tour around Milos, this one will show you all the best places and is well run: Best of Milos Private Land Tour

What facilities are available at Firopotamos Beach?

There is a beach shack that sells snacks and drinks at Firopotamos Beach which is really casual and nice. They also rent beach chairs and sunbeds. Other than this there really aren’t any other facilities there.

Is there any accommodation at Firopotamos Beach?

Yes! There are cute little beach shacks and fishermen’s huts that you can book. Word of warning they can be pricey and book out early. If you want to stay there I would book it as early as possible. Milos is a big island so you could plan to stay here a couple of days and then move to another part of the island if you want to try a few areas.

My pick? I can’t wait to return to Milos and when I do I am staying at Salty Kisses and Sandy Toes! This is one of the most affordable options. This little beach area can get expensive but it is so idyllic. I could spend many days here!

Ok lets get into it…why I love Firopotamos Beach, Milos!

This beach is truly like a perfect little hamlet. It is tucked away in a bay and feels secluded and shared with only the lucky people who decide to go.

The views at Firopotamos Beach

The views here are incredible. Look toward the water and obsess with the cliffs and bright blue water. Look to the left and gaze over to the church and ruins. Either way the views are stunning and you will want to spend the day here amongst them.

Walk up to the church and ruins

The Church of Agios Nikolaos sits on the top of the left hand side of the bay. It is an easy stroll up to it. The church itself is really cute, inside you will find a sweet little chapel. It is a typical Cyclades church and really lovely.

Just behind it are some ruins. Their original purpose is unknown but there is a lovely arch doorway amongst them. It makes for a great photo spot.

Relax on the beach

Lying back in the sun, on the sandy pebbly beach is perfection. It isn’t big enough to be too noisy and everyone seems to want the same thing, to relax on the prettiest beach in Milos.


The water is lovely. Crystal clear, bright blue with a hint of green. Swim while taking in the views and surroundings. It is perfection…if not a little cold. All of Greece’s beaches are cold.

That’s it! I love Firopotamos Beach for its beaty and simplicity. It oozes charm and I can’t think of a better way to spend a day. If you’re looking for more information check out my Milos Blogs or my Greek Island blogs which cover all the islands we have been to so far! I can’t wait to hear about your vacation, let me know if you went to Firopotamos Beach and what you thought!

Want to make it easy?

If you are looking for an easy Greek Islands trip where it is all organised for you this is our top pick: Greek Island Odyssey

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