Winery tasting on Kefalonia – Sclavos Wines

by Kelly

Wine tasting bioorganic wine Kefalonia! What a great way to spend an afternoon. We were excited to get to Sclavos Wines for our tasting, they are a bio-organic winery and we wanted to learn more about this. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the winery!

How to get to Luxouri

Located on the Luxouri side of Kefalonia we caught the ferry across to that side of the island as it would take too long on our little scooter. The ferry is really easy, it costs just 3 euro each and 1.80 euro for the scooter. The trip took about 20 minutes at the most and was smooth sailing. The staff are well organised and will guide you but simply you just board, go upstairs to sit in the passenger room and they will come to charge you and give you a ticket.

Luxouri is very popular with tourists and families. It has some pretty buildings, a great restaurant street on the water and great beaches.

Sclavos Bio-organic Winery

We jumped back on our scooter and headed for Scavalos Wines! We arrived and parked up to the most picturesque of all the wineries we visited. It is so quaint, a little cottage winery with stunning vines and courtyard area to sit.

We met our host, Ioannis, who was actually a winemaker there! He was nice enough to show us through the winery and describe the manufacturing process to us. We learnt about the bio-organic process and some of the techniques that were used. We loved learning about this and really felt that they cared for the land and their finished product. The history behind bio-organics was so interesting. My favourite aspect was the use of roses at the end of each vine so they could monitor the health of the vines. We loved learning about the process while wine tasting bioorganic wine in Kefalonia.

The Bio-organic Wines

After the excellent tour we were treated to a wine flight tasting their beautiful wines. The robola of course was our favourite, just so unique and in my typical fashion I loved the dessert wine. We also learnt about orange wine which was new to us. It is when white wine is made using the red wine method of leaving the skins on the white grapes. The result is an orange tinged wine and the Sclavos variety was great!

The winery is open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm with wine tasting running on the hour. A day ahead arrangement for wine tastings visits recommended, you can book on their website here.

The wine tastings are 12 euro for 5 wines and 18 euro for 7 wines and both options have a charcuterie cheese board included.

You can hire a vehicle and drive yourself but if you want to enjoy without the hassle of driving you can book a great tour from Get Your Guide here.

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