Is it worth going to Kimolos?

by Kelly

Yes! Kimolos is absolutely worth going to. We heard Kimolos was Milos’s younger, quieter more chilled out sister and it’s true.
It is a small island that hasn’t yet succumbed to tourism. Shops are sparse, great cafes are popping up with character that really stands out. It’s an arty scene, every turn has been thought out and decorated with a creative flair.

Where is Kimolos?

Kimolos is 1km from Milos and 215km from Athens. It is very small, only approximately 1000 people live here but there are enough services to enjoy your stay.

How to get to Kimolos?

You can take a ferry from Milos to Kimolos at Pollinia which is great for a day trip. You can also take the ferry from Adamas in Milos to Kimolos as well as from Athens or other Greek Islands. There are usually only one or two ferries to Kimolos a day. We use Ferry Hopper for all our ferry bookings and as always it is best to book earlier as sometimes the price can increase closer to your travel date.

Where to stay in Kimolos?

We stayed at Archipelagos Kimolos. Our room is very cute, a shady verandah and impeccable inside. It’s modern with an artistic flair that is only found on Kimolos. The kitchenette has a small fridge for food and a drinks and all the crockery and utensils you need for a simple meal. It’s calm and easy to while away the hours here.

Where to eat on Kimolos

It’s not that food and drinks are expensive on Kimolos, it’s just that there’s not the cheap options of other islands. The food is good and well done. We bought food to cook our dinner at the local mini market store and fruit from the fruit shop two doors down.

There is no commercialism here, it is simple and bars, restaurants and shop are all locally owned. We shopped at the local store and cooked for ourselves as usual when we have a kitchenette in our room. We also had some drinks at the bars in town. There are lots of little restaurants and bars in Chorio that are beautiful and serve excellent meals.

We were recommended the local ice-cream shop by a few locals already so we walked over for some dessert. Stavento – Ice Cream is made on site. It is fresh, flavoursome and incredibly creamy! Sitting outside watching locals stop in for a scoop, children racing grandparents there and others strolling past we are greeted more than ever before with a chipper ‘yasous!’

best icecream on Kimolos - where to eat on Kimolos

History of Kimolos

Kimolos was often at the centre of a war between Athens, the ruler of the island, and Sparta, the ruler of Milos Island which is its closest neighbour. The caves of Kimolos were once used as shelters for pirates during Medieval times. Eventually Kimolos became part of the Greek state, along with the rest of the Cyclades islands.

What is Kimolos like?

Kimolos is a place to turn back time, where you visit a real Greek village. There is no rush. Wander the streets until you find your spot to watch the world go by. There’s not much of it, a builder moves back and forth before me carting bricks in a wheel barrow. The pharmacist sons play guitar on the pharmacy porch, the shop keeper lifts their gaze momentarily upon your entry with a mumbled kalimera. Time stands still, you unwind and become one with the town.

What to do in Kimolos

Kimolos is quite small and the main things to do here are visit the beaches, walk the main village Chorio, explore the kastro and the little shops.

Find the cute little outdoor libraries. There are a couple of the sweetest little outdoor libraries in the Chorio and one on the beach at Prassa. They are so pretty and you can bring books here to swap or just take to read.

Go to the best beach on Kimolos

The best beach on Kimolos is Prassa (Agios Georgios) Beach. We took a bus out there as encouraged by our host. There is one bus, every 4 hours. The bus driver plays upbeat Greek music and the locals sing along.
At the beach we find a beach bar with a beautiful set up of sunbeds in front of the perfectly blue water. There’s nothing else there but we planned ahead and brought snacks and water. The pricing here is the same as the rest of the island. We have heard this was their last summer and I hope they reconsider as it was so lovely there!

The beach is perfect! The sand is white and soft. The water is crystal clear and bright blue. To the left there are ancient ruins that you can walk up to and take in the views. It is not crowded, there are only about 6 others there. Two men run up to the ruins to jump in the water. It is a lazy, sunny and warm beach day and it is glorious!

Walk Chorio, the main village on Kimolos

Chorio is the main village on Kimolos and we are staying right near the centre. It is worth going to Kimolos just to walkthe Chorio! Back from the beach we shower change and sit on the porch of our apartment. The pharmacist calls out and we chat. Before long he is making us espresso and playing his classical music between serving customers. Sharing stories and laughs he is visited by every local nearby. A sweet lady comes to chat, she is 93 years old and the wife of the priest. While the pharmacist jokes with her she tells him off and laughs along. Its a fun and gentle feeling of warmth we’ve noticed in the village.

We decide to stroll to the centre of the Chorio for the evening, the bar Brachera has a cute set up with seating dotted all around the old Kastro that is prettily lit at night.
There is a street full of restaurants and bars, it’s full of life and happy chatter. Here is a great place to join in and while away the evening with a meal and drinks.
You will never feel more welcomed than in Kimolos, you are looked in the eye by every stranger and greeted as quickly. If they speak English they will stop for a chat, and sometimes even if they don’t. Gesturing we try to communicate with big smiles.
Men working driving through on scooters thank you for getting out of their way. It’s a friendly and polite community, and if you are lucky and open you will be welcomed in to it.

Go shopping

Kimolos is a very creative place. There are artistic touches all around the town and the little stores dotted throughout Chorio are full of locally made creative pieces. There are uniquely decorated pieces of pottery, jewellery and clothing that I didn’t see on other Greek Islands. I loved wandering all the little stores and finding cute pieces to add to my collection for home.


The Kastro is the old castle that makes up the centre of Chorio. It is a huge crumbling ruin and is so incredibly charming and full of character. You can easily walk around and through it exploring the old buildings. There are some bars set up inside it and we plan to come back later to see it all lit up.

The Kastro is made up of two quarters, Mesa and Exo Kastro, divided by special arched doors (portares). The external doors of the houses are united and create fortifying walls. These were to protect the village during invasions and pirate attacks. Kastro is still inhabited today and was the only inhabited part of Chorio until the end of the 19th century when houses began to be built around it.

We walked back in the evening to check out the Kastro, there is a screening of a movie in the village which is part of an International Film Festival. The whole town turns out for it, everyone dressed well and excited. This creative community is proud of their island and it shows.

Visit the churches

Although it is a small island there are 80 churches on Kimolos! Some are family churches where generations of family have cared for the church. Others are public ones that anyone can visit.

Panagia Odigitria – The most impressive church in Kimolos, built between 1867 and 1874.

Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos – Byzantine church from the 17th Century

The Holy Temple of the Birth of Christ (Gennisi tou Christou) – Built in 1592, it is the oldest church on the island and is located in the Inner Castle. This is where the people of the island used to take refuge here during pirate attacks.

Kimolos Archaeological Museum

Located in one of the oldest houses in Kimolos dating to 1846. It includes pots, relics, funerary gifts and other objects that date mostly back to the 8th and the 7th century B.C.

Kimolos Folk and Maritime Museum

Privately owned and created to help preserve the folklore and cultural heritage of Kimolos. You will find everyday objects and decorative items of the past, such as ceramics, utensils, clothes, tools and equipment used in traditional craftsmanship as well as nautical equipment and paintings related to sailing.

Our last morning

We sleep well and deeply. Content in the comfort that we’ve found here. Feeling like locals already we take one last stroll through the village in the morning. The bakery luring us with its scent and Mike succumbs and gets a pastry for breakfast.

Back at our accommodation we chat with the pharmacist son, talking about our respective lives. He learns we will go to Sifnos and recommends his favourite places.

Too quickly it’s time to catch the bus to the port. We don’t want to leave.
Kimolos has worked it’s way into our hearts and we long to return before we have even left.
This is a place to come when you are looking for a slow holiday. A place where you will be accepted into the community if you let them. Where you will feel part of something and feel something. Something that has been lost from most places with the always encroaching modernity…you will feel your soul become full again.

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