Top five things to do on Milos

by Kelly

My top five things to do on Milos! Milos is really big and has amazing beaches and villages to see. These are my top five things to do. It is not easy narrowing it down to just five but here you go! Milos is well known for its beautiful and unique beaches. These are my five favourite things that I recommend you go to first before going anywhere else!

Where to stay on Milos?

There are tons of areas you can stay in Milos and each has excellent accommodation options, this really makes Milos the perfect Greek Island to visit in 2024. The main places will be the port town Adamas, the little fishing villages Pollonia, Mandrakia, Klima, the capital Plaka Milou, Pachaina and Firopotamos. We moved between two of the villages and honestly I would love to go back and stay in each of these areas. These are my picks of where to stay in each village.

Peran Triovasalos – On our first few nights we stayed at Sea Sun Sand Studios Milos. It is located in Peran Triovasalos which is a tiny village area almost in the centre of Milos. You can easily get to most places from here. It was nice and a good price. We just used it as a base and rode our scooter to where we wanted to go.

Adamas – The port town has alot of accommodation options! Our picks are The White House, Hotel Meltemi, Semiramis Guesthouse, or go luxe at Boho Sapiens, Cinnamon Era.

PolloniaCaptain Stavros! We planned to stay here before changing to stay at Pachaina.

Mandrakia – This is not the cheapest place to stay but there are some lovely options and its a beautiful area. It is expensive but our pick is Aerides Mandrakia Milos.

Klima – The fisherman’s huts are a must stay! I will be doing this on my next visit. Choose from these beautiful options:

On the Waves of Klima, Fisherman House, Blue Horizon Syrma, The Yellow Boat House, Turquoise Boathouse in Klima II, White Coral.

Plaka Milou – This area is not the cheapest but there are some reasonable options. We like Στην Ωραία Πλάκα, Piazza Castello or Archondoula Studios.

Pachaina – We stayed at Agnanti View Hotel, it was great. The owners are lovely and the vibe is so relaxed.

Firopotamos – I can’t wait to return to Milos and when I do I am staying at Salty Kisses and Sandy Toes! This little beach area can get expensive but it is so idyllic. I could spend many days here!

Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos Beach is beyond stunning. It is the perfect place to spend a beach day! It has to come first in my top five things to do on Milos due to the incredible location. This beach is located in the north of Milos and is at the bottom of a hill. It is a little pebbly beach that it sits on a bay with little fisherman’s cottages that are available for rent and would be the most idyllic stay. Walk further around the bay to get to the beautiful Church of Agios Nikolaos and some ruins behind that with views out to the open ocean. There is a beach shack selling drinks and snacks and renting a few sunbeds but it is far from the fully organised beaches and is still full of charm and great vibes. I would take snacks and spend a whole day here!

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach also called moon beach is a must due to its unusual rock surface. It was formed by volcano and is a hard and sometimes sharp surface. This beach is epic because it is so different to anywhere we have ever been. It is a great spot at any time of the day but you will find it most busy around lunchtime to sunset. There is a spot for cliff jumping, a little beach and loads of space for sunbaking.

Klima Fishing Village

One of the most charming places to visit is the fishing village of Klima. Klima is down on the water and has the cutest fisherman’s cabins turned accommodation you will ever see. They are all painted different bright colours, the water laps up over the edge of the walkway between buildings. You will see a magic sunset here, it is such an experience. There are restaurants and cafes to sit and enjoy the scene as well as a little ocean themed knick-knack shop of locally handmade decorative items.


Mandrakia is tiny but has so much charm it has to be added to this list! You drive in and park at what seems to be a rather unassuming little village. As you walk in you start to see what makes it so special. There is a little church, two stunning viewpoints overlooking a cove with fishermen’s huts. The local restaurant Medusa is excellent, although if you want a front table get there early or be prepared to wait. This is a popular restaurant. Walk down by the water to discover fishermen drying their latest catch of squid. Go there and be immersed in the enchanting slow life of old Greece.


Plathiena may well be my secret spot on Milos but I’ll share it here because I can’t gatekeep. This beach actually took us two tries to find but once we did it was so worth it. It is down quite a hill. We only had a 50CC scooter and to get back up the hill I had to walk while Mike putted his way back up and then I could jump back on.

My words of advice are get a higher powered scooter or a car on Milos, 50CC doesn’t really cut it for two people. Plathiena was so worth it that we actually did this twice. The beach is really lovely, it is sandy and wide with crystal clear water. There are a few trees for shade but they are hard to snag after 10am so I would bring an umbrella or get there early. There is a beach taverna which has great food and drinks as well as snacks and ice-cream. It is a really great swimming beach and I highly recommend spending a beach day here.

Bonus – Kleftiko

Ok I had to throw in a bonus must do….take a tour to Kleftiko. You need to take a tour as you can’t reach it on your own. There are plenty of great tours available.

That’s it, my top five things to do on Milos + a bonus! We absolutely loved our time here and hope you do also. Let me know what you think, do you agree with these? Check out my travel guide on Milos and my guide for what you need to know about Sarakiniko Beach!

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