Things to do in Athens for two days

by Kelly

I’m not going to lie…I love Greece and everything about it. The people, history, nature and the food. So of course I loved Athens and I know you will too. Here is everything we got up to and things to do in Athens for two days.

Where to stay in Athens

Athens is a huge city. We chose to stay in the Plaka so we were immersed in the old town. Basically staying anywhere in Plaka or just on the outskirts of it will give you the best position to see this incredible area. Sadly we booked really last minute as our flights were changed by the airline. We ended up staying in a private room in a hostel, the position was excellent. Here is where we would recommend for each price range.

Luxury: Gatsby Athens Hotel, Coco-mat Athens BC or Electra Metropolis.

Midrange: Mythodea Athens Suites, Cityzoe Athens Suites, Step One | Luxury Suites

Budget: Students & Travellers Inn – excellent location, basic rooms and shared bathrooms. Very budget. Monastiraki Studios is another option but not as cheap.

Is two days enough for Athens?

Yes you really can see the best of Athens in two days! I could spend a week in Athens and still find things to do but you can definitely see the best in two days.

How to get around Athens?

Athens is easy to get around. We walked everywhere once we were in Plaka. There are a few sights that you would take a bus but the public transport system is excellent and we had no problems using it. There is a bus from the airport to Plaka which is very simple also. We took the X95 which leaves every half hour and takes about 60 mins to get to Plaka. The local bus system is easy to navigate also.

Is it worth going to Athens?

Yes Athens is worth the time. It makes a great introduction or ending to your Greek Islands trip and honestly is a great destination in its own right. There are tons of historic sites right in the centre of the city, beautiful streets to wander and great food options.

Things to do in Athens in for 2 days

Ok these are all the things I loved doing for our two days in Athens.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis is a must and should be one of the first things you do. It is such an incredible monument and its history is so rich. I went on my own as Mike had already been and I loved walking around just taking it in. You will be on the top of the city and can see it all stretched out below from a few viewpoints. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world and with its UNESCO world heritage status it really does earn its reputation of one of the most beautiful.

There isn’t much shade there if at all so make sure to either wear sunscreen or go in the afternoon before closing once the heat of the day is over. The sunset is stunning from here and it should be quieter. Visiting the Acropolis really made me feel closer to this beautiful country. Plan to spend at least 2 hours walking the area.

Check out Acropolis tickets and availability here.


The Parthenon is a must see, located right within the Acropolis. Many people mistakenly thing that the Acropolis and Parthenon are the same thing, they aren’t. The Acropolis is the hill and the Parthenon is the temple built on it.

Built for the Goddess Athena it is made of marble and truly an incredible sight. It was under restorative works when I visited but was stunning none the less.

Entry is included in your Acropolis ticket

Parthenon, Athens, Greece

Tours in Athens

You can book some great tours around athens, this is a really popular one which will guide you through Acropolis, Parthenon & Acropolis Museum. It is really informative and brings these ancient places to life, I would book in advance!

This tour of the Panthenon and Acropolis is also super popular if you prefer the early morning to get out and explore before it gets too hot! It also books out so I recommend booking in advance if possible.

The ancient Agora of Athens

The ancient Agora of Athens is a great site to visit to get an understanding of how daily life was in the ancient times. It was a meeting place to talk of politics, daily events, philosophy and law. Similar to our town hall or central business districts. it was where people went to gather. It consisted of businesses and markets but also law courts and different forms of public assembly. Respectable women were not supposed to go there. Philosophers would discuss ideas and people would talk business. It’s the centre of society and what we take our understanding of what makes a society in Western European culture from.

The Agora of Athens is located near the Acropolis and entry is included in this Athens ticket.


I loved this temple on the Acropolis, it features the Porch of the maidens which is statues of women as the columns. It is unique and very beautiful. Located on the Acropolis complex.

Walk the Plaka

Plaka is such a beautiful area of Athens. It really is the place to stay as recommended above. Once you are there you will be transported back to the ancient days. Walking the cobblestone streets and noticing ancient sites as you pass. There is excellent shopping, cafes and restaurants everywhere. The streets are gorgeous and I loved heading out before everyone was up and about. It was peaceful and so charming.

Stairs in Plaka and rooftop restaurants

There is a set of stairs at the base of the Acropolis which I will call Plaka Stairs for reference although they don’t have a name. They are full of restaurants lining each side and make the perfect place for a drink or meal. Some of the restaurants have rooftop seating and the views across the Acropolis and city are stunning. They do fill up quickly so make sure to book or get in early.


Following on from the Plaka you must visit Anafiotika. It is a tiny pocket of the Plaka which is the most lovely. Pretty white houses full of plants on the slopes of the Acropolis. I spent a good hour walking this area on my way up the Acropolis and it was dreamy.


If you are looking for cool vintage shops, souvenirs, foodie buy then Athens is for you.

For cool vintage shops check out Retrosexual, V is for vintage, Kilo-Shop and Coo Retro Design Shop.

There are multiple markets where you will find the cheapest souvenirs such as Pandrossou Street Market and Central Athens “Varvakios” Markets. You will find loads of stores selling all sorts of souvenirs amongst other items.

Must eat at this hidden gem in Athens!

We found this little hidden gem and had to eat there every day. Tis Theatrou to Steki is very traditional and the owners are so lovely. The food is excellent and very authentic. Sitting on the side of the street with the best food in Athens and a little half carafe of wine was perfection! We tried the fried cheese, split peas, fried potatoes, a mixed meat with vegetable plate and Mike had to try the fried sardines! We ate at least 4 dishes each time with a half carafe of semi sweet wine and it came to 13€.

Right next door was an olive store that has been there for hundreds of years. Next to that was a liquor store selling local wines and spirits. It was like a tiny market from yesteryear.

Lycabettus or Philopappos Hill

Both Lycabettus Hill and Philopappos Hill are lovely but Philopappos Hill is close to the centre of Athens and easier to walk up. It has monuments on it and great views to the Acropolis. Perfect for a sunset spot it really is somewhere you must visit.

Street art in Plaka

Walking through the streets at the base of the Acropolis we found some awesome street art, definitely check it out.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Odeon of Herodes Atticus is also situated on the Acropolis and is part of the entry ticket. It is a large Roman theatre and is set on the side of the Acropolis and so incredible to see before you. It was built for musical concerts by a wealthy man as an ode to his wife.

This is everything I would recommend for two days in Athens. If you are taking it slowly and really soaking everything up you will fill up two perfect days. Let me know if you have been to Athens and what you thought? It made the most wonderful ending to our Greek Island hopping trip.

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