Gluten Free in Greece

by Kelly

Do Greeks understand what gluten free is?

In general yes but it is still not as common as in Italy. I found myself clarifying what it was with people when ordering as some thought it was lactose and others were confused about potatoes. In bigger restaurants there will be options but as we usually eat more from authentic places it is best to be very clear there.

Do most restaurants offer gluten free?

Yes in the bigger restaurants. There will be options and labels. In the smaller family run ones usually it will not be marked so it is best to ask.

Gluten free translation

I used my google translate to have the phrases I use most often ready. I always have a screenshot of gluten free and I am allergic to wheat, rye, barley etc listed out so that they can understand what I am talking about.

gluten free Greek translation

My best gluten free finds by location:

I will continually update this list as I return to Greece and visit different places. Please note that once I find a place and have a good experience there I generally keep going back because it feels safe!

Gluten Free Athens

Athens has a massive amount of restaurants, tavernas and cafes. We found this tiny little traditional family run restaurant in the back streets near Plaka and it is seriously amazing. The family are the sweetest and you will be sitting on the sidewalk with the locals. It is called Tis Theatrou to Steki and the food is excellent! I showed them my google translate ‘gluten free’ and my allergen list and they immediately recommended what to avoid.

We had the fried cheese, split peas, fried potatoes, a mixed meat with vegetable plate, potato salad and Mike had to try the fried sardines (not gluten free). I brought my own gf bread along and separated the meals on to a plate for me so Mikes bread crumbs didn’t affect me. We ate at least 4 dishes each time with a half carafe of semi sweet wine and it came to 13€ each time. It was all excellent and well worth it for the experience alone. This is a place you really have to try!

Gluten free Greek Islands

Corfu Gluten Free –

To Pikantiko. The best little authentic place in Corfu! This was the first Greek food I tried. The family that run it are so lovely, sending their son to get the chips so I could check they were safe to eat. They make all their own meat and marinade and I loved eating my souvlaki every day!

Lefkada Gluten Free –

We shopped at the Lidl and cooked for ourselves on Lefkada. We had an apartment with a kitchen and this is always something we love to do. Lidl is a great supermarket and has pretty much everything you are looking for at great prices.

Paros Gluten Free –

There is a great gyros shop in Paros called Roussos Grill. The food is good and cheap. They have a unique gluten free gyros, the wrap is a dark almost black colour and incredibly delicious. This was the best gf gyros I had in Greece.

Ios Gluten Free –

We shopped at the supermarkets in the main street from the ferry. We also ate at Cantina Del Mar Cafe. This cafe catered for gluten free customers really well! I was given double serves as they thought the gluten free bread was too small. Such a great place now located in Chora.

Mykonos Gluten Free –

Find Pepper Souvlaki & More to try their gluten free gyros! It is really well priced and so delicious. Such a treat to find a gluten free option for gyros.

Milos Gluten Free –

We shopped at supermarkets here and cooked for ourselves. Best supermarket was AB Foodmarket!

Sifnos Gluten Free –

The best and most authentic taverna in Sifnos is found at Vathi Beach. Tsikali Taverna knew what gluten free was and could recommend everything I could try and what to stay away from. They were so kind and really tried to show as many options as possible. Everything was delicious. Sitting on the beach with sand under our feet, eating delicious Greek food was a dream!

Naxos Gluten Free –

You have to try out ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat Hotel for lunch! They know what is gluten free and really will take care of you. We were treated to a list of sumptuous plates including crepes, omelettes, goat yoghurt topped with an amazing beetroot marmalade and goat cheese, tomato and olive tapenade. The yoghurt and cheese sourced from her brothers goat farm nearby. They also do a great fresh juice and cocktails. The restaurant is open to both the public and guests. It is a great place for lunch while visiting the Byzantine church nearby. This is fresh, organic, local and delicious slow food!

Best supermarkets in Greece

When you are looking for supermarkets these are my favourites. AB Food Market, Lidl, Alfa Supermarket. These were the ones I kept going back to with the best gluten free ranges. Gluten free in Greece supermarkets is pretty well stocked. This what I tried and my honest options about them. Full disclaimer- I LOVE SCHAR and everything they make! Not sponsored-just an obsessed coeliac.

Gluten free bread: I tried both Schar bread and Papadopoulos bread. The Schar is much better, the other brand is ok tasting and really crumbly especially after the first day. Both brands come in a multigrain, white and wholemeal where you can find it but the Schar options are my first preference where available and are worth extra cost if there is any.

Gluten free rusks: I hadn’t seen these before but found them in both the Schar and Papadopoulos brands. Both tasted fine. It is like a hard toast. Really hard and crunchy. I used them as a breakfast substitute and as a cracker for cheese.

Schar muffins: YUM! I found them in vanilla, chocolate and choc chip. They were lovely and individually wrapped so you can take them with you on a day trip. I had them in my bag for those just in case moments and also as a breakfast.

Schar Cornflakes: Taste great! I bought a box and would take it with me, having it for breakfast if there were no options at the hotel. Even purchasing a plastic bowl and spoon so I could just grab a milk and eat in my room before we went exploring for the day. It was so good having something that was easy to quickly eat and go.

Gluten free Treats in Greek Supermarkets:

These were some of my favourites:

Gluten free ice-cream: These Elba icecream sticks and the fish icecream sticks were my go to! Absolutely delicious and so good on the hot days. Not expensive and just yum!

Gluten free chocolate wafer bars – cheap and so good! I would buy a few at a time and have one each day. Obsessed! There were different flavours but this was my favourite.

Gluten free Corn Chips – packets of chips are a staple part of the travelling gluten free diet. I know it isn’t the healthiest but when you are on the go sometimes it is literally the only GF food you can find, These El Sabor corn chips are so incredibly good.

Gluten free meals

We always try to book accommodation with a kitchenette or bare mimium a fridge. You can live on olives, cheese and gf bread pretty easily out of a fridge. Buy all the olives in Greece, you will never taste better!

My go to for a quick lunch is cheese in bread. Not exciting or healthy I know but it is portable. I would throw a sliced piece of cheese in two pieces of Schar bread, into a Ziplock and that would be my lunch for most days we were exploring the islands.

My standard meals that I would cook myself from supermarkets is pasta. I would buy a veg to cut up and cook in it if possible or at worse just cook up the noodles and sauce and enjoy. There were tons of pasta noodle brands, my favourite is always Barilla or Schar. The ones below were the only option in a very tiny supermarket on a very tiny island and they were good!

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